The Pros and Cons of Free Web Hosting in Franklin, Ohio

When entrepreneurs talk about web hosting services, they often discuss small business web hosting. But business web hosting is quite expensive compared to the usual web hosting options that are commonly used by website owners. Aren’t they supposed to prefer free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio for practicality? Though free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio is usually sought after by new website owners who want the cheapest possible start for their business, there are reasons why business owners prefer paid web hosting.

Let us discuss first the perks of free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio. The best feature of free web hosting is providing the most basic services for free. Here is the list of basic web hosting features that you can get for no cost:

  • standard security that most cheaply paid web hosting services are offering
  • standard network bandwidth and port speed
  • email accounts
  • standard disk storage and data transfer
  • the possibility of an upgrade to paid services
  • web files will be of HTML and image files
Free Web Hosting in Franklin Ohio

Unless, your website can easily generate traffic that rival the basic features that the free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio can offer, you might want to consider going for paid web hosting. What paid web hosting offers are additional features that can help your business grow and address all demands to compete in the market. But if you don’t need to join the stiff virtual market race, and the basic features will be sufficient for your site, free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio is a practical way to start your online venture.

Now, let’s discuss the setbacks when you stick with free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio. Some website owners will avail free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio to save money in their startup costs. But if you will set long-term goals for your online business, free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio is less practical than investing on your paid web hosting service. Here are some of the reasons business people would opt for paid web hosting services instead of free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio.

No control over ads

Ads can be placed anywhere on your website, especially on templates that free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio typically provides for new website owners who are not yet accustomed with customization. There are free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio that tend to place ads on their customer’s websites, on which you don’t have control of. If the ads bother your site visitors, and they think it is not in any way related, that will create a negative impression about your site. The credibility of your information, products and services is at stake when ads the pop up your website, seem to be a little out of hand. The worse thing is, you can’t do anything about it.

Extremely limited customer support

Since free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio does not cost you anything, it could also be the reason that customer support is very limited. A lot of website owners are using free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio, and that would keep the web hosting team too busy to manage all customer concerns. There will be customer support, but those that will be addressed are what the IT management team can deal with, even when their hands are already full.

Limited e-commerce tools and solutions

Everything is limited with free web hosting in Franklin, Ohio. Well, we can’t really expect much from a service we didn’t even need to pay. So, if you think your business would be better off using more e-commerce tools and solutions because you are ready to take on the journey of becoming a business giant in the virtual market, you should consider paid web hosting instead. You get to pay the extra services they provide for the value of your money.

Resellers are not a good option

Choosing cheap hosting plans is usually the next best option of a website owner who can’t spare the usual amount of money for a paid web hosting service. There are agents selling packages for cheaper rates in order to make it more affordable. These re-sellers are taking the opportunity of building a business out of the web hosting business itself. There is nothing wrong with middlemen, though you are not directly in contact with the web host, which is a downside for any website owner. Should there be technical failures, immediate problems and other concerns that your supposed web host need to respond to, it would be difficult to secure those services.

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