Basic Features of Free Web Hosting in Columbus Ohio

Being the 14th most populous city in the United States, Columbus Ohio offers various opportunities for entrepreneurs who dream to dominate the e-commerce market. Also, it became a ground for computer enthusiasts to establish their own business based on their mastered field of technology, and web hosting is one of these businesses.

At the same time, business people began to explore the virtual market for a wider reach, so they became the market that web hosting businesses can easily tap. Thus, neophytes in e-commerce began looking for free web hosting in Columbus Ohio that can help them start their venture.

This is why free web hosting became one of the most popular choices of entrepreneurs who are just trying their luck in the online market.

Free Web Hosting in Columbus Ohio

Why choose free web hosting in Columbus Ohio?

If you can have a service for free, why would you pay that particular service? But you need to take note that paid and free web hosting in Columbus Ohio will not be the same kind of service. There are features provided by paid web hosting service that free web hosting can’t offer. So, finding a reliable free web host can be an exhausting task, especially when you start comparing the tables of features they offer. If you are not very familiar with free web hosting in Columbus Ohio, most likely you would need an IT management team that can help you manage your website. Unfortunately, they assist for a fee. So for now, you can stick with free web hosting services.

Below is the list of the basic and most common features of free web hosting in Columbus Ohio and what they mean as you begin your business venture online.

Disk Space

Disk space is the storage space you need in order to keep the data coming in and out of your website. This includes text, images, audio, and all files that your website will process. Less disk space means fewer data will be available from your website. This can result in inefficient service. Even if you are availing free web hosting in Columbus Ohio, you deserve a storage space that can accommodate the necessary files for the basic website demands.


Bandwidth takes care of the traffic that goes in and out of your website. We know that heavy traffic is good news for websites. This means more and more people are accessing your website, checking on your business, and eventually will purchase your products or avail your services. Accessing your website refers to the time that potential customers search for your website using the browser. Leaving your website will refer to every action that your customer will take information from your websites like viewing a photo or a clip, downloading files or streaming.    With that in mind, note that the transfer of these data will be slow if you don’t have sufficient bandwidth. This will surely affect the engagement with your website and could lose potential clients because people close the tabs that don’t load within 5 seconds.

Support and Uptime

Your free web hosting in Columbus Ohio should offer free and reliable support thru telephone and email. No free web hosting in Columbus Ohio can guarantee 100% uptime, so it is better that you seek one that can provide measures to mitigate the effects of an unexpected downtime. These may include server and network monitoring, hardware and network configurations and back up power.


Price is the best thing, if not the only thing, that new website owners consider upon choosing a web hosting service. Pay nothing and get the basic features. And even if you availed free web hosting in Columbus Ohio, your providers shouldn’t force ads on your website.

Website Creator and FTP

For newbie website owners, you will be needing the help of your free web hosting in Columbus Ohio for the creation of your website. Some free web hosting in Columbus Ohio include a website creating an application where you can choose the template and simply add text and images for your new website. That will take care of the hassle of customization if you are not yet well-versed in scripting.

FTP or File Transfer Protocol allows the smooth transfer of your files from the computer to the server of your free web hosting in Columbus Ohio or vice versa. Upload and download using the server should be unrestricted 24/7.  


Your free web hosting in Columbus Ohio should at least offer you email services so you can set up email accounts with your chosen domain name. Also, there has to be a webmail interface that can help you log in and manage emails. Including POP3 and SMTP access can also help you set up access your domain emails thru your mobile devices.

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