Features of Cheap Web Hosting Services

Launching an online business is as tedious as maintaining it. You need to make the best decisions to avoid future problems. Awareness about the basic features of cheap web hosting services can help you as an entrepreneur. It can help them make that informed decision. The features you choose to include in your cheap web hosting package are those that will help you establish your virtual space.

Cheap web hosting plans are the most popular choice of small and medium business owners. This is because of the cost savings from the monthly subscription fee. However, cost-efficiency is not the only concern of an entrepreneur in availing cheap web hosting plans. You need the plan that provides for the needs of your business.

To help you decide on the cheap web hosting services you need, here is a list of the features you need to look for:

Cost Savings

Cost efficiency of cheap web hosting services is the most obvious reason that this web hosting package is popular. The usual price of a dedicated hosting service is $99 while cheap web hosting services are down to $15! That is how less you need to pay for the web hosting service you need. How is this possible?

Shared Environment

A shared environment in cheap web hosting services allows the distribution of web hosting costs. Your provider distributes this cost among all clients using the same server. In a shared environment, there is one server that accommodates multiple websites. When your website is given a shared hosting package, you will share the resources with other websites. This is possible regardless of their size or performance. This strategy of retailing resources made the price cut possible for cheap web hosting services.

Cheap Web Hosting Services

However, a shared environment in cheap web hosting services has several setbacks that you need to know. Since shared resources in one server are definite, there is a chance to deplete the resources due to overconsumption. This happens when one website performs better than others. This means that it needs more resources than usual. Thus, whatever resources left will be divided among the other websites.

This scenario is called the bad neighbor effect. What happens to your website during this technical problem? If you are the dominant website, you will consume the resources and take advantage of the discount of your cheap web hosting package at the same time. However, rarely would huge websites use shared servers. Culprits are usually small businesses with a sudden surge for demand in resources which is a natural thing. Other small websites without such demand will suffer, and the server might run out of resources. What happens when resources are depleted?


Downtime happens when servers crash. It could be due to depleted resources, internal mistake, or cyberattacks. Cheap web hosting services are prone to downtime because of depleted resources. You can never tell when one of the websites would consume too much of shared resources.

What happens when you experience downtime? Your website loses accessibility from the customer’s end. Since your business is not accessible, it is as good as closed for that particular span of time. Losing the chance to occupy that virtual space makes you lose three things. These are loyal customers, potential sales, and business integrity.

Loyal Customers

Loyal customers will eventually find another website if yours is not available. Numerous websites offer almost the same service or product. You can easily lose your customers once you are not available at the time they need you. Cheap web hosting services offer discounts, but it could also lose you big time opportunities.

Potential Sales

You will lose potential sales during the downtime of cheap web hosting services. You lose the purchases or subscriptions that your loyal customers might have placed. You also lose possible sales with new customers or referrals from satisfied consumers. In any way you look at it, downtime will simply lose you your business revenue for the time you lose accessibility.

Business Integrity

A business that can’t manage its website properly loses customer trust. Since you are earning from your business, your customers will expect that you will invest in reliable than cheap web hosting services. Reliable services like managed hosting can take care of IT management and ensure your business is up and running 24/7. Thus, a downtime is indicative of your cheap web hosting services. This directly translates into impressions of low-quality service.

Cost savings is definitely a practical choice for a web hosting feature. However, there is more to cost savings than the upfront discount you get from the monthly subscription. Cost savings are possible when you have the least expenses in maintenance and revenue loss. How can you ensure that your business gets the most from cheap web hosting services?

Lessen your web hosting expenses and losses by getting the package your business needs. That includes the following features: guaranteed uptime, scalability of resources, and managed services.

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