Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting for WordPress in Knox, Ohio

Free web hosting for WordPress in Knox, Ohio is popular for obvious reasons. Who would want to pay for a web hosting service if you can get it for free, right? To think that it is WordPress, which is one of the most popular content management system platforms, it would seem like a good offer. However, no matter how advantageous the monthly price cut is, you can’t overlook the disadvantages of free web hosting for WordPress in Knox, Ohio.

Entrepreneurs would love the free web hosting and domain offer. However, free hosting is not the best deal for any business website. You have a lot to lose when you have an online venture. That includes customers and revenue. Here are the reasons free web hosting for WordPress in Knox, Ohio is a big no for your business:

No IT Support

Free Web Hosting WordPress in Knox, Ohio

The least that you would want is to operate your online platform on your own. You are an entrepreneur and not an IT professional. The expertise in the field of marketing is different from the technical demands of your business website. Thus, you need a dedicated IT support team that can handle issues that may arise and affect your business.

The task of the IT support team is to manage and monitor the activities and incidents in your network. This can help prevent technical glitches, hardware malfunction, and security threats that could leave your site inaccessible. Inaccessibility means no business operations. That is how much you can lose. Unfortunately, free web hosting for WordPress in Knox, Ohio does not have the IT support that your business needs.

Limited Resources

The most important feature that web hosting services provide is IT resources. Without them, you can’t possibly use the online platform to boost your business. Adding features to your free web hosting for WordPress in Knox, Ohio defeats the purpose of availing it. Now, let’s discuss the limited resources that could impact your business:

1. Storage
Storage or disk space refers to the capacity of your website to hold content. This includes texts, images, videos, and applications. The bigger your storage is, the more possibilities there is in content creation. Limiting your storage will keep your website to the bare minimum capacity. That is the storage limitation of free web hosting for WordPress in Knox, Ohio.

Using your website as a business platform will definitely need more content to make transactions possible and user-friendly. Applications that can help your clients sort out their purchase or mark their preferred service are necessary. These kinds of content will take up more than the minimum storage space that free web hosting for WordPress in Knox, Ohio can offer. Choose a better service that can ensure that your website is meant to run a business.

2. Bandwidth
Bandwidth is the capacity of your website to accommodate traffic. The limited bandwidth of free web hosting for WordPress in Knox, Ohio will result in poor website performance. It would take time before pages load, while sudden spikes in traffic volume could lead to downtime. The inaccessibility of your website will surely lose your loyal customers.

Storage and bandwidth are just two of the resources that are limited in free web hosting for WordPress in Knox, Ohio. Yet, they are already major concerns in keeping your business up and running. Keep your resources sufficient if you want guaranteed uptime.


If you are fine with pop-up ads, there is nothing to talk about. However, free web hosting for WordPress in Knox, Ohio is not limited to pop-up ads. Your hosting provider takes control of the forced advertisements regardless if they are in conflict with your brand. You can’t choose the ads. You are simply limited to resizing whatever is posted on your page. With a business brand to establish, this will not help in any way.

Why not choose those free web hosting for WordPress in Knox, Ohio without ads? The ads help pay for the web hosting service that you availed for free. That is why it is usually forced to display ads on free websites. If your web hosting provider allows you to decline to display ads, that would sound advantageous at first. However, if your provider loses the capacity to maintain the service because of less income generation, it can shut down and cancel your service anytime, losing your data and your business platform.

These are just some of the disadvantages of free web hosting for WordPress in Knox, Ohio. Always consider the needs of your business even before choosing the IT services you will avail. Consider the best web hosting service for your business if you want better results. If you really need to stick to a slim budget, consider a paid shared hosting service that you can upgrade when the need arises.

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