The Types of Risks Mitigated by Data Backup Solutions Worthington

Data Backup Solutions Worthington

Data is currently the most important resource a company has. They collect this information and other files over years of hard work. One of the worst things that can happen is to lose all or even a portion of that. It can have a disastrous effect on a company. This is why it is important for companies in Ohio, and around the country for that matter, to have data backup solutions Worthington.

Studies have shown that companies who experience data loss also experience a decrease in revenue. It has a direct effect on the company’s finances. This can be due to one of many things depending on the type of data lost:

  1. If company files are lost, they have to redo a lot of work which will cost money and time.
  2. If they lose clients or customer data, not only do they have to redo the work, but the company may also lose the trust of customers and potential customers. They may stop purchasing. On top of that, they can even file lawsuits.

With the help of data backup solutions Worthington, companies have a safety net that if something happens to their computers which leads to data loss, they have a service provider who can restore systems back to normal.

Risks to Data

Today, companies face a barrage of threats and potential risks to their data making data backup solutions Worthington even more important.

Employee Accidents

One of the most common reasons why data backup solutions Worthington are needed is actually internal. The company’s own employees can cause accidents which lead to data loss. They can spill coffee on a laptop computer, lose a flash drive containing important data, or drop an external hard drive which damages the files inside. 

A good example here is the story of Pixar’s Toy Story 2. In the middle of production, one of the employees accidentally started a delete program on the finished files. The team watched in horror as huge chunks of the movie were deleted. Months of hard work are wasted. This would also mean that they won’t be able to meet their target deadline which will cost the studio even more money.

Fortunately, another employee was working from home during that time and had made copies of all the files in order to get work done. This served as their backup which allowed the team to finish the movie and millions of fans around the world enjoyed it.

The main purpose of data backup solutions Worthington is to act as that saving grace. If something unfortunate happens, it allows the company to at least restore some semblance of normalcy and not have to start from square one.

Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are created by hackers for different purposes; but mostly for their own financial gain. One of the most common ways they can use a virus to make money is to steal or even threaten corporate data.

A good example of this is the ransomware. It is a type of malicious software that infects computer systems and locks up files and other data so that the user cannot access them. It then sends a message to the user to pay a certain amount or else the data would be destroyed.

Using data backup solutions Worthington, the user can wipe the computer clean and restore the files and systems. 

Natural Disasters

There is no telling what nature can do. And in the year 2022, it proves that anything can happen at any time . A fire can break out in the office, an earthquake can level the entire building, a power outage can damage critical files and data. Any and all of these things can happen at any time. And if it does, companies would be glad to have a reliable service provider who keeps copies and backups safe.

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