Four Common Types of Data Backup Solutions Upper Arlington

Data Backup Solutions Upper Arlington

One of the most important services a company in Ohio needs is data backup solutions Upper Arlington. This can help ensure that they do not lose important information such as customer data which they need in order to conduct business. It can also prevent businesses from losing any progress they may have in certain tasks or activities.

Take Pixar for example. This successful animation studio built its business from the Toy Story movie franchise. But due to an error, the second movie was almost lost. 

In the middle of production, one of the associates working on the movie accidentally ran a delete program on the computer storing all completed files and animation for the movie. The team was left to watch in horror as months of hard work are deleted. 

The public was still able to watch the award-winning Toy Story 2 in 2000 because one of the company’s employees was working from home during that time. As such, the employee was making copies of files on a weekly basis, this served as their backup.

The main purpose of data backup solutions Upper Arlington is to provide a similar safety net for companies. If something happens to the original data and files in their office, they can restore everything back to normal using copies stored in a different place.

Types of Data Backup Solutions Upper Arlington

Today there are four common types of data backup solutions Upper Arlington used. This includes:

Full Data Backup Solution

When a company wants all their files to be kept safe, a full data backup solution is the way to go. As the name suggests, this process copies all files and data from the target computer or network. The copy is then stored in a secure storage facility owned by the service provider.

Access to the backup data is only given to authorized personnel as dictated by the company.

The main advantage of full data backup solutions Upper Arlington is that it copies each and every file. At the same time, it can perform the restoration process faster once needed. However, since the system copies everything each backup cycle, it may take more time.

Incremental Data Backup Solution

With an incremental backup solution, it does a full backup initially which works as the foundation of the entire system. Every backup cycle, it will only copy files that were updated and new data since the previous backup. In other words, it is a smarter system that chooses specific files and data to copy in order to be more efficient.

Because of this, incremental data backup solutions Upper Arlington is able to complete copying files faster. However, the main downside is that the restoration process can take a bit longer when using this type of backup system.

Differential Data Backup Solution

The goal of differential backup solution is to provide the advantages of an incremental backup solution while removing its main disadvantage. That being said, it works almost the same way. It does a full backup to begin with and only copies updated files every backup cycle.

The main difference is that this system needs more resources and storage space. This allows it to accomplish the restoration process faster as compared to incremental backup.

Mirror Data Backup Solution

With the previous three data backup solutions Upper Arlington, they essentially keep obsolete files in between backup cycles. This solution does things very differently.

The mirror backup system does exactly that, it mirrors the target network or computer between backup cycles. This means if a file is updated, that file is automatically updated on the backup storage. When the backup cycle comes, it will “save” it’s current state. Essentially what this means is that it always keeps the most updated versions of files and data.

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