The Importance of Data Backup Solutions Newark

Data Backup Solutions Newark

It is imperative that companies have data backup solutions Newark. This is the last line of defense when it comes to keeping data and other types of digital information safe and secure. Without it, companies can lose important data which can lead to massive losses in revenue.

Companies today collect all types of data to help them in day-to-day operations. 

  • A department store, for example, would collect data on what items are the most sought after by customers. Knowing that, they can stock more of that item to ensure they keep up with the demand.
  • An online seller collects their customer’s data in order to send the product to the right recipient. 
  • Any company today that has a website or social media channel is able to collect various forms of data about who visits their digital channels.
  • Not to mention, offices generate hundreds if not thousands of files every day which document their progress and tasks. 

The purpose of data backup solutions Newark is to protect these files from becoming unavailable to the company which can be devastating. Data is collected over a long period of time and can only be replaced by dedicating the same amount of time again. Losing customer information can open up the company to lawsuits. And, businesses wouldn’t want to lose all their progress, like what happened with Pixar.

Protecting Data

Accidental deletion is one of the most common risks that data backup solutions Newark can mitigate. This is evident with a popular story about toys.

Pixar, one of the largest studios that create animated films, is probably most well-known for its Toy Story franchise which has several movies and shorts already. But it almost didn’t come to that.

During the production of Toy Story 2, one of the associates accidentally ran a delete command on their computer which started to eliminate all files of the movie so far. They were left to watch in horror as months of hard work vanished in front of their eyes.

The only saving grace for the movie, the franchise, and most probably that associate, was an employee working remotely due to having a child recently. That employee had been copying files to take home and work. Because of this, the movie was released on time in 2000 and the rest is history.

The purpose of data backup solutions Newark is to provide that saving grace. The difference is that it’s by design rather than by luck.

Data Backup Solutions

The main purpose of data backup solutions Newark is to provide companies a copy of their important files and data if the worst happens. Service providers have created a system wherein select files and data are backed up to their secure storage facilities during predetermined timeframes. 

All of the settings are dictated by the users and the client company. For example, they can have the system:

  • Perform a complete backup of a computer every week
  • Do a full backup of the entire network every month
  • A partial backup of files every end of the day

The parameters are completely dependent on the users of the data backup solutions Newark

Advantages of Using a Service Provider

While it is true that companies can simply copy their files into an external hard drive and hide it somewhere, this isn’t the ideal way to protect something so important. Service providers are able to offer several features that offer them a huge advantage such as:

  1. Automated backup systems
  2. Secure storage facilities that comply with industry regulations
  3. Easy and reliable restore functionality
  4. Off-site storage 
  5. Affordable solutions

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