Why Companies Need Data Backup Solutions Hilliard?

Data Backup Solutions Hilliard

There are a lot of threats to data today. This is why data backup solutions Hilliard has become an important service for companies all over Ohio. These services allow businesses to have a safety net when it comes to their information and data.

It has been documented that data loss can directly lead to decrease in revenue. And it’s easy to see why.

Look at a company that collects Personally Identifiable Information or PII for example such as a bank. They need to collect this information in order to ensure they are delivering the best service to their customers. However, if they lose their data, it can open up the bank to lawsuits from their customers. It also leads to people losing trust with the bank and may never do business with them again.

The use of data backup solutions Hilliard offers protection for the company that can prevent them from losing important data.

Another good example when it comes to the importance of data backup is the popular story of what happened with Toy Story 2.

Pixar, the studio behind the popular movie Toy Story, was developing a sequel. For months, their people worked tirelessly in order to create the movie and release it on time in 2000. But one day, an associate accidentally started the delete process on their computer. They watched in horror as the computer started deleting months worth of hard work.

The movie was eventually saved by another employee who, at that time, was copying files weekly to work at home due to having a child recently. These copies essentially saved the entire production.

The point of data backup solutions Hilliard is to provide the same saving grace; but rather by luck, it is by design.

Threats to Data

Today, there are many threats facing data and important information which makes data backup solutions Hilliard even more important.

Accidental Deletion

What happened with Pixar and Toy Story 2 is actually very common. It happens with any company all over the world. Accidental deletion has become one of the most common reasons why companies need backup files and systems in place.

Accidents can also happen to hardware that contains data. Coffee and other liquids can be spilled onto a laptop which damages the machine and even the data. An external hard drive can be dropped which losses the files inside. Or maybe a USB flash drive is lost during travel.

It can be due to being tired, overworked, or lack of actual processes. Whatever the case may be, business owners should realize that employees can make mistakes. They are human after all. And if that happens, they would be glad to have data backup solutions Hilliard to right those wrongs.

Malicious Attacks

Hackers are people who use nefarious means to try and get into networks they are not authorized to be on. Once inside, they can do different things such as steal data for their own financial benefit. The types of malicious attacks they can do vary a lot.

They can use malicious software such as viruses to infect target computers or networks. They can use tools that allow them access into the office WiFi. They can also hack into company websites to intercept data transfer from customers to the company.

Whatever type of attack they commit, this can be very dangerous for data. By using the data backup solutions Hilliard to restore systems, hackers can also lose their access to the network and essentially save the company.

Natural Disasters

Then, there always looms the potential for a natural disaster. Storms, floods, fires, and many other types of disasters have enough power and potential to damage or even destroy offices. Equipment can be replaced and people can be saved. But, if the company doesn’t have a backup of their data in a different location, then they also lose their important files and information.

With the help of InfoLink Technologies, your company can mitigate the different threats to data. We offer high-end data backup solutions Hilliard designed to address your challenges. If you are interested in our service, contact us today at 740.227.4223 or send an email at info@infolink.net.


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