Common Types of Data Backup Solutions Dublin

Data Backup Solutions Dublin

Data is an important part of any company today in Dublin and across the world. It can be used in different ways to improve products, services, processes, and other things. For some businesses, they require certain types of data in order to proceed with their goals. An eCommerce website for example would need customer information in order to deliver the goods and confirm payment. This can be quite sensitive and there is a huge need to protect these information which is why data backup solutions Dublin has become very popular.

Technology service providers offer a service known as data backup. The main premise here is that the service provider would make copies of important files and folders in the company’s network and store them in secure data banks. Only select authorized personnel will have access to the data of course.

If something happens to the original source of the data, such as a computer getting infected with a virus or a hard drive is damaged, the files can be restored through data backup solutions Dublin.

Importance of Data Backup Solutions

There is a popular true story about the importance of data backup solutions Dublin and data protection in general.

Pixar, the award-winning studio that creates animated films, became very popular with their movie “Toy Story”. Based on its success, the company was working on a sequel, “Toy Story 2”. But that movie almost never came to be. During production, one of the employees accidentally ran a delete command and erased all of the film’s files.

The only saving grace the movie and the company had was another employee just had a baby and was working from home. That employee copied the latest files on a weekly basis and essentially had a backup.

That, in a nutshell, is the importance of having data backup solutions Dublin.

Types of Data Backup Solutions Dublin

Full Data Backup Solution

The first type is a full data backup solution. This type, as the name suggests, copies all the files and folders of the target network regardless of any other factor. It then stores the copies in a secured data storage facility.

The main advantage of a full backup is that all files and data are secured. However, subsequent backups will take a lot of time and eat up unnecessary resources. But, the restoration process can be quite fast though.

Incremental Data Backup Solution

The incremental data backup solutions Dublin on the other hand only does a full backup in the beginning. This is the foundation for the solution. All files and data backup are then stored in the secured data storage facility.

In order to maximize the efficiency of backing up files, this solution would only copy files that have changes on them during subsequent runs of the backup procedure. This can save a lot of time when it comes to backing up.

The restoration process can be a bit slow though.

Differential Data Backup Solution

Basically what a differential backup does is similar in basic definition as an incremental backup. Both of these data backup solutions Dublin does a full backup to begin with then only copy files and folders with changes on them in subsequent runs.

But, the difference is that this solution uses more resources and storage space so that it can achieve a faster restoration process as compared to the former.

Mirror Data Backup Solution

As the name suggests, this solution mirrors the files and folders of the network in real-time. This means there is no lengthy backup process. It stores exactly what the network has at all times. This is probably the most comprehensive backup solution and it is the most powerful as well. Basically this system offers a solution that removes obsolete files from both the backup and the original source.

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