Do you Need Data Backup Solutions Columbus?

Data Backup Solutions Columbus

Over the years, data backup solutions Columbus has slowly become more and more in-demand with small companies, medium-sized enterprises, and even large scale businesses in Ohio and beyond. This is because backup solutions offer an additional layer of security for the company’s most important files and information that they have. 

It is important to protect the data owned or collected by your business. Studies show that companies who experience data loss eventually losses revenue as well. It can lead to a loss of trust from customers, potential clients, and even investors. Once that happens, it is very difficult to recover.

Today, there are different types of data backup solutions Columbus available at your disposal so that you protect these important numbers and figures. 

Types of Data Backup Solutions Columbus

Full Backup

The name says it all. A full backup is when every single file, folder, and data from a source such as a computer or even the entire network of the company is backed up. This is usually done first so that there is a complete copy of the company’s files and data. 

It is important to keep in mind though that a full backup requires a lot more space. It takes the same amount of resources as the original, since this process literally makes a second copy of all files and folders. As such, this solution can take longer as compared to others.

The main advantage of this over other data backup solutions Columbus aside from making a copy of every bit of data is that the restoration process can be done faster.

Incremental Backup

When it comes to incremental backup on the other hand, the first time it’s run, it will do a full back up. Then, the next time the system is used, it will only copy files and other data that has logged changes since the last backup. 

There are several pros and cons with different data backup solutions Columbus. With an incremental system, the backup process becomes faster because it only takes into account files that were updated. So for example, if a Word Document that was backed up last month has a new revision, the system will record the new file. 

The recovery or restoration process takes a bit longer when using an incremental backup system though.

Differential Backup

The definition of a differential backup system is very similar to an incremental one in the sense that it does a full backup, to begin with then all subsequent backups are partial, backing up files and folders only if they have changes made to them. The time it takes to do the backup is very similar as well.

The main difference is that this type of data backup solutions Columbus can do a restore process faster. This is because it makes use of more resources and storage which allows it to complete the restoration process in a more efficient manner.

Mirror Backup

If you are looking for the most ideal data backup solutions Columbus, then a mirror backup may be right for you. 

This system is called a mirror because that’s exactly what it does. With the three systems discussed earlier, what they do is copy the files then store them. Essentially what this means is that the files are obsolete a minute later. These files are only the latest versions the moment they are backed up.

For example, a Word document is created on a Monday. It is then backed up on Tuesday. A revision is done on Wednesday. Backup again on Thursday. On Friday another revision is done. Over the weekend, the file is lost so on Monday, the back up from Thursday is restored. While this saves the company time from recreating the document from scratch, it is not the latest one since it doesn’t have the changes from Friday.

A mirror backup means all files and folders are mirrored from the source to the backup system. It always keeps them as fresh and updated as the origin source. If you are looking for a reliable partner for data backup solutions Columbus, InfoLink Technologies is here for you. Contact us today at 740.227.4223 or send an email at


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