Data Backup Services Ohio

Data Backup Services Ohio

Backing up data should be a no brainer. Data loss can have a huge impact on a company. As a matter of fact, research has shown that 29% of companies who experience data loss see a significant reduction in their revenues. This is because losing data can be seen as negligence by the general public and would scrutinize the company. This bad press would lead to customers and potential customers not trusting the company, so they won’t buy. All of this can be avoided if the company has proper data backup services Ohio to help them ensure that the information they keep is safe and sound.

What is Data Backup Services Ohio

First of all, it is important to understand that this is a third party service which aims to help the company with data management and storage. Depending on the provider of the data backup services Ohio, the client would gain access to the storage facility in one way, shape or form.

An example of this is a simple folder. Once the service is acquired, the provider would install a system onto the user’s computers which creates a simple looking file folder on their desktop. It looks, feels, and functions like any other folder in the computer. The main difference is that all files placed inside would automatically be backed up into the servers of the provider.

The data backup services Ohio system can also be configured to do automated backups of the important files and data of a computer on specific times and days so that people do not have to do it manually.

Advantages of Using Data Backup Services Ohio

It is true that a company can do their own backups. Employees can be provided with hard drives and they manually transfer their files onto those. Or maybe the company has its own file server in the office. All computers can be connected to the server and files can be backed up there. While this is a way to backup files, it is not the ideal way.

There are several risks that only data backup services Ohio can efficiently mitigate. 

Any Type of Disaster

Disasters, natural or otherwise, can lead to an office getting destroyed. An earthquake is a good example of a natural disaster that has enough energy to level an office building. Another example would be a fire breaking out in the office. 

In these situations, manually backing up files in the office is not enough. Having data backup services Ohio however means that the company has their files safely stored in the servers of their provider in another location.

Malicious Software

A malicious software or virus, once it enters a network, will keep trying to infect other devices. So if a virus gets to a desktop computer of an office, that will spread to the other workstations, devices, and even servers connected in the same network. This means backup data inside file servers will still be compromised.

Running out of Space

There’s only a finite amount of space in an office. A file server needs to be upgraded with new hardware every now and then especially when it gets full. Space both inside the hard drives of the server and office space to house the new hardware are limited. With data backup services Ohio, that will not be an issue.

Because this is a specific solution offered by service providers, they make sure to invest in the right equipment.

At InfoLink Technologies, not only do we have enough space for all your files, we offer unlimited backups for your data. We have the best equipment available today and they are ran by experienced and well trained experts in the industry. Our data backup services Ohio provide the best solutions for companies who need a safe and secure way to house their sensitive information.

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