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Data Backup in Ohio

Data is essential for any company. Whether they are aware of it or not, they hold a good amount of sensitive information and data that they use on a daily basis. This includes employee files, customer information, industry research, financial numbers, and performance data to name a few examples. With that amount of important information, data backup Ohio is a third party service that aims to provide companies with an option to safely keep their data.

Why is Data Backup Ohio Important?

Secure storage is an important factor when it comes to data backup Ohio. There are a lot of threats out there that can lead to lost data. As such, history has shown that 29% of companies that lose data experience a decrease in revenue. 20% of cases where data loss happens also lead to customers leaving the company because they feel like their own personal information is threatened. And of course, most companies that suffer from data loss are publicly scrutinized by both the media and the industry which can lead to unquantifiable losses.

Risks and Threats to Data

There are several types of potential threats and risks to data which companies have to face on a daily basis.


These are people with malicious intent. They can initiate cyberattacks through various means. What’s more, they sometimes specifically target certain companies. Most of the time, they are after customer data so they can sell them to others and make a profit. Other times they simply want to make a point so they delete certain data from the company’s system. With proper data backup Ohio, the consequences of their actions can be mitigated.

One of the most dangerous things hackers can do is social engineering. What this means is that they target a specific person in the company and they create specific campaigns in order to trick that person from divulging important information.

At the same time, hackers are also primary suspects when it comes to malicious software.

Malicious Software

Malicious software covers several types of programs designed to disrupt the flow of data or outright compromise them. This includes viruses, malwares, and ransomware. If infected by any of these, data backup Ohio can be a huge help in order to restore the systems back to normal.

Today, one of the biggest threats faced by companies and even private individuals is called ransomware. This is a malicious software that locks certain files and data of a computer it infects. It then sends a message to the user that in order to access these files again, they would have to pay a ransom; hence the name. More often than not, even if the ransom is paid the program continues to destroy the files anyway.

If the company has proper data backup Ohio, then the threat of ransomware is reduced significantly. If a computer is infected, they can wipe that system clean and restore the normal function by using the backup of that computer’s files. No files are lost although the process would still interrupt the productivity of the company.

Physical and Natural Disasters

No one can say for sure what will happen in the future. It may seem like a normal day but something can happen such as an earthquake, fire breaking out, a flood, or other types of physical threats that lead to the office getting wrecked. This would lead to a lot of lost data.

Others may think simply having a backup is enough, no matter where it is located. This leads to them copying their files from their computers onto a separate hard drive they keep in the same location. This is a mistake. A natural disaster can wipe out your entire office. But if you have data backup Ohio, then you at least know all the important information and files are safely kept in a different location. 

If you are looking for a safe, secure, and reliable data backup Ohio, we can help you at InfoLink Technologies. Our backup services ensure that all your data and information are kept safe during transfer and in storage. We also offer robust systems to ensure proper backup procedures. If you are interested in safely backing up your company’s data, contact us today at 740 273 3464 or send an email to

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