How to do Data Backup Newark?

Data Backup Newark

Companies in Ohio and around the world for that matter are collecting data at a faster pace than ever. Technology and the internet has made it possible for companies to get huge amounts of customer data especially businesses that need such data in order to facilitate their service. Online delivery is a good example, it is able to collect home addresses, names, and contact numbers. All of these can be considered important and very sensitive. It is information that a company would not want to lose. This is where data backup Newark comes in.

Understanding Data Backup

Backing up data is a process wherein important information and sensitive files are copied then placed in a different storage location. The main purpose of this process is so that the company has a copy of data in case the original source gets compromised. And there are many different ways where that can happen.

Risks to Data

There are many different risks and potential threats that constitute the need for data backup Newark

Accidental Deletion

Surprisingly, the most common reason for data loss is accidental deletion. It can be due to misinformation, misunderstanding, or plain old negligence, but an employee can delete huge chunks of data that they have access to with a click of a button. When that happens, business owners, managers, and the employees themselves would be so thankful that they have data backup Newark.

Network Compromise

There are many cybercriminals out there today creating different ways to infiltrate and steal data or make money out of them. One of these is called ransomware.

A ransomware is a type of virus which can infect a network. Once it does, it will try to find important files and data then disallow user access to it. It would then send a message that the only way the user gains back access is to pay a ransom; hence the name of the program.

If data backup Newark is available, the user can opt to clean the entire computer in order to remove everything, including the ransomware. The system can be restored using the back up data.

Types of Data Backup Newark

Today, there are different ways that a company can backup their data. This includes:

Using External Storage Devices

An external storage device can mean an external hard drive, a USB flash drive, or any other portable device that can store digital data. The purpose of this is so that the sensitive information from the source computer can be copied then placed into such a device. The device would then be placed in a secure location such as a locked drawer.

While this is a form of data backup Newark, it may not be the most ideal way. For one, this means that employees will need to copy their files manually into the external device every now and then. 

Another problem is that an external storage device can be dropped or accidentally damaged anytime it is used. If that happens, the information inside can be wiped clean.

And there is always the risk of the storage device from being stolen which is not good.

Cloud Based Data Backup Newark

Managed service providers such as InfoLink Technologies offer different types of data backup Newark solutions, and one of these is through the use of the cloud. 

There are many advantages to this system. First, backups can be scheduled so that they happen automatically. It can be done every month, every week, or even every day as managers see fit. At the same time, the system offers some of the most robust security protocols available to ensure that the files are always protected whether they are in transfer or at rest.

And of course, the system is not complete without proper recovery solutions. Backing up data is essentially useless if they cannot be recovered. This is why cloud based solutions provide easy ways to start the restore process to reduce any downtime.

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