Managed Networks Services

November 26, 2019
Managed Networks Services

Cybercriminals put businesses at risk daily, maintaining appropriate protocols for network security has never been a more critical task. Small businesses are particularly at risk due to the assumption that smaller targets are safer. A managed network is the best way for small businesses to avoid adverse results of a devastating cyber-attack.

How are Small Businesses Affected when Network Security Fails?

Statistics show that at least 43% of all attacks by cybercriminals directly target small businesses. If network security fails, what can happen? Loss of customer data is a big part of the reason 60% of small businesses shut down within 6 months of a direct hit by a cyber-attack. Data loss can result in public mistrust, fines, and a poor reputation because customers who entrusted you with data were exposed to criminal elements.

Other results of failed network security include exposure of trade secrets and the devastating financial impact of related fines.

Managed Networks Services Offer Better Network Security

Statistics also show that only 14% of small business owners believe their strategy for cybersecurity is effective. Although so many small business owners recognize their need for managed network security, they don’t often know how helpful and affordable a managed network can be.

Managed Network Services

Managed network services is more affordable for SMBs to hire a managed service provider to help ensure network security than it is to hire sufficient IT personnel to do as comprehensive a job. Info-Link Technologies has the expertise in managed network services and experience to better shield SMBs from the negative impact of cybercrime.

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