Does Your Website Security Measure Up?

February 26, 2020
Website Security

Every organization should have adequate domain security and has a responsibility to ensure cybersecurity to protect data on their website. Website security has recently been weighed against the performances of U.S. Presidential campaigns. The areas audited, to determine who could qualify for the “Honor Roll,” were online data security, consumer protection, and responsible privacy practices. Every business website could ultimately be held accountable for these areas of security in the event a data breach occurs. 

How Did the Campaign Websites Do on Domain Security?

According to the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), 70% of the campaign websites that were reviewed failed to measure up in key areas of security. The best EDR security practices for safeguarding visitor information were utilized by 30%, or a total of 7, of the campaigns. They were the only websites to earn “Honor Roll” status. Data on the Internet is stolen, collected, analyzed, and sold by cybercriminals because it has high value. Visitors on a website should not have to suffer negative consequences because of a lack of domain security or data protection on a site they trusted.  

Tips to Ensure Domain Security of Your Website

Cybersecurity is a multi-layered undertaking. The following are a few ways to ensure domain security and protect visitors on your website:

  • Use proven tactics for securing passwords such as two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Take steps to ensure IP address access protection.
  • Be sure to set up a domain lock or registry lock.
  • Choose a domain provider offering up-to-date security functions.

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