Custom Web Design Can Help Boost Your Business

Businesses are always adapting to the times in any and every way possible. Think social media powerhouses in Ohio like Twitter and Instagram with their frequent logo changes and style updates. Abercombie & Fitch, Ohio’s number one retail store, updates their appearances seasonally, hiring new models and photographers for cleaner and trendier looks.

These businesses still sell the same products as they did before. The only thing new is the way they look. This is the core of web design. An Ohio-based business like yours must compete with already established business tycoons and fellow SMBs situated in your state. You can have a competitive edge with the leading web design in Columbus, Ohio.

The website is a major player in boosting any business. Studies show that businesses can gain 70% of its traction just by their website design. Ohio’s many businesses have already employed website designs in their strategies to up their businesses.

If that hasn’t convinced you yet, here are some reasons why your business needs to focus on website design.

CustomWebsite Design – Reasons Why Your Business Needs it

Custom Website Design

1. Good First Impression

Website visitors abide by the 15-second rule. By definition, this means that it takes more or less 15 seconds to leave a page they visited for a certain reason. “Lack of attractiveness or intrigue” is cited as the main reason. This problem can be prevented with an attractive web design. A good web design team will administer and create the whole look of your business. Appealing and trendy web design creates more traction. It allows for more web traffic for the page and more exposure for your business.

2. Organic Search Traffic

Though it is not unheard of that many businesses pay to have higher search engine optimization (SEO), it can cause major repercussions in the long run. Growing your page organically is the safest way to go. Web design elements and practices control how your content is produced. This, in turn, has an effect on your SEO.

Not only does it affect your content, but it can also affect your SEO in and of itself. The code of your web design has to be SEO-friendly. Partnering with a good web design team or agency is the best way to ensure this.

3. Flexibility

A growth-driven website must be flexible. Businesses understand that their brand must change from time to time dependent on regularly shifting styles or practices. Products and services that provide immense value have to attract new customers constantly. Website design has the ability to do this. Even if your business strategy or process does not change, you can attract new customers by adjusting the way your brand looks on its most accessible or visited area – the website.

4. Consistency

Studies say that the key to keeping visitors to stay on your website is to keep them thinking they are following a certain type of content despite having it changed. A good web design team has perfected this skill already. They can create seamless designs that entice visitors to explore your page further without creating drastic changes on the way they view your website. This increased stay-time on your page can help boost your business through notable website reviews and word-of-mouth.

5. Reputation

Your business can benefit greatly with good web design. In a study, it was noted that 44% of people will warn their friends of a bad website experience while 80% of people check reviews before purchasing from a website. Your online reputation is an important factor in the growth of your business. A bad one will cost you 70% of your potential business. With good web design, your page visitors will have a lasting impression of your band which makes it less likely for them to write a bad review. Websites like Yelp and Google are review-filled and major influencers to what websites people should visit. Reviews generally come in the way a website looks. Thus, an appealing website that is reviewed well will help expose your business.

6. Compelling Message and Higher Conversation

Web design is not just about looking good. Its main aspect is to pass an important message to the clients. Imagery and content should be carefully chosen to evoke sentiment in the visitor. In turn, good web design prompts conversation among clients. Good web design can cause result-oriented responses in tweets, statuses, or online discussions that can help put your website on the global market overnight. Of course, a good web design promotes a good message which will benefit your business.

Investing in website design is economical for your business. Good website design will give you a competitive advantage against fellow Ohio-based businesses. It can even raise you to a more global scale. It’s the easiest and most effective way to expose your businesses to new and potential buyers worldwide. Partner with a good provider for web design in Ohio. Call Infolink Technologies now at 1.800.239.5989

Custom website design


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