How the Cloud Helps Small & Mid-sized Businesses Meet Expectations

January 6, 2020
Cloud Helps Businesses

Patience is not usually required in today’s online interactions. Instant page uploads are expected, and businesses with a sluggish website lose prospective customers to their competitors. Building out an IT department and buying the necessary equipment is usually fine for large businesses, but what about the others? What is a small-to-midsized business (SMB) to do about the necessity of top-quality IT services to watch over all aspects of online activity?

Many SMBs have switched to the cloud for continuous monitoring to ensure their website, mobile applications, and IT infrastructure are operating efficiently and their network security is protecting against the latest strategies used by cybercriminals.

Advantages of Cloud Monitoring

In this high-tech age, continuous cloud monitoring is a tremendous benefit to companies. It is much easier for cloud monitoring to identify patterns and potential problems within IT infrastructure than it is for in-house IT support staff to detect them. The following are among the benefits provided by cloud monitoring:

  1. Download speeds are monitored to ensure that they meet expectations.
  2. Page content is monitored to ensure it is accurate.
  3. Unapproved changes that may be the result of cybercrime are detected.
  4. Website tampering is detected.
  5. Data compromises are detected.
  6. Downtime can be reduced by as much as 80% due to continuous testing and analyzing of mobile applications, websites, and IT networks.

More than half of the people recently surveyed with regard to cloud technology have never used it. Business owners who aren’t tech-savvy still hesitate to switch to the cloud simply because trusting a virtual server seems too iffy. The cloud is a solution, and it’s nothing to fear. It simply means that data storage and access are moved from a physical hard drive to the Internet.

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