Why you Need Cloud Data Backup Worthington?

Cloud Data Backup Worthington

Many companies today collect some sort of data, whether they know it or not. Having a website or even social media profiles already collects certain amounts of customer data. It records who engages with your content and what they click on the most. This data can be useful to adjust your marketing approach. At the same time, other businesses need to collect these data to provide their service. Safe to say that it takes time and effort to collect useful amounts of data. This is very valuable and something you would not want to lose. Aside from security measures and protocols, you should also have cloud data backup Worthington to ensure that you do not suffer data loss.

Research has shown that companies who suffer data loss also suffer a loss of revenue as well. This is a costly experience. And there are a lot of ways that you can lose data which is why cloud data backup Worthington has become very important.

Risks to Data

Employee Activity

There are a lot of risks to data and the most common example actually comes from your own employees. The top cause of data loss in companies today is the accidental deletion of files. 

In most organizations, certain employees have access to certain levels of files and data in order to process their tasks and do their jobs. But they are not machines. They are people. And people are prone to human error which leads to them accidentally hitting the delete button on files and data. If this happens, you and your employees would be very thankful if you have cloud data backup Worthington.

But it doesn’t end there. Other accidents can happen as well. While drinking their coffee in the morning, people can accidentally spill liquid onto their laptop computers. They can also drop external hard drives and flash disks that contain important information. These accidents can lead to data loss as well.

While no one wants accidents to happen, they do. That’s why their called accidents. And having cloud data backup Worthington can ensure that these accidents do not lead to massive data loss.

Malicious Programs

External threats are also present when it comes to data loss, and malicious programs are the most common of these. 

The goal of hackers is to gain access to computer networks in order to steal something for their own financial gain. Malicious programs such as a computer virus are among the tools they use. Once these programs infect a network, they will activate their objective which can vary from disrupting operations to providing access for the hacker to get into the network.

While there are programs designed to guard against these, they are sometimes not enough. Having cloud data backup Worthington can provide another option for your company to deal with viruses since it allows you to wipe the network clean. In doing so, the virus and all traces of it are deleted as well. You can then restore systems using the backup.


With natural disasters, there is nothing you can really do to prevent them. Storms, earthquakes, and power outages all have the potential to affect your office which can lead to loss of data and destruction of property. But, not being able to prevent them does not mean you cannot prepare for them.

If you have cloud data backup Worthington, you can at least save your sensitive information. This is because the data is stored in different locations separate from your office. And there are usually multiple copies of your backup to ensure better security for them as well. So no matter what disaster happens, you can at least save years of hard work.

When it comes to cloud data backup Worthington, InfoLink Technologies offer one of the most reliable and secure solutions in Ohio. We specialize in a variety of tech-based solutions which includes providing backup systems on cloud networks. If you are looking for a partner to help keep your data safe and secure, contact us today at 740.227.4223 or send an email at info@infolink.net. 

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