Cloud Data Backup Ohio

Cloud Data Backup in Ohio

They say that data is the new oil in terms of value for companies. In the past, oil was sought after so it can help power machines to increase production. Today, data is seen as the most valuable resource because by understanding it, this can be used to increase the overall performance of a company. And because it is so valuable, it is important to keep company’s data safe through different means such as using cloud data backup Ohio.

Cloud computing is a relatively old concept but the execution of this technology is new. Basically, a group of computers work together to form a bigger and more powerful machine. It offers a whole lot of opportunities in technology including cloud data backup Ohio. What this means is that companies using this service can upload their files into the cloud to create backups. 

The Benefits of Having Cloud Data Backup Ohio

Having a backup of important data such as employee files, financial records, research numbers, and customer information is essential due to the number of threats companies face on a daily basis. These threats can lead to data loss. Data loss can lead to public scrutiny. Public scrutiny leads to customers leaving the company. And that means huge losses in terms of revenue for the company.

Threats to Corporate Data

Cloud data backup Ohio is an IT service designed to mitigate the risks and threats of:

Malicious Software

Malware and viruses are computer programs that are designed to replicate itself and spread through different computers and networks. If it succeeds in infecting a computer, it will trigger its purpose. 

The purpose of a computer virus can vary depending on the creator. It can gain administrative control of the computer. It can affect core systems which result in the entire computer slowing down or the performance decreases. It can create vulnerabilities in the network so the virus can spread more. 

But all of these actions are designed so that the creator of the virus can gain information or steal data. 

By having cloud data backup Ohio, if a computer is infected, it can be “cleaned” by deleting everything inside and reformatting it. The backup data can be used to restore the computer.


A particularly nasty type of malware that is becoming famous today is called ransomware. This is a type of virus or malware and it has infected a lot of companies in the past few years. What it does is that, depending on its code or what it can get its hands on, makes certain files inaccessible to the user. It takes them hostage so to speak. And the files are released only after a payment is made or else the data will be deleted. Unfortunately, in most cases the data is still deleted even after payment.

Again, having cloud data backup Ohio can be a good defense against this type of risk. If it locks files, you can delete and disinfect the computer then use the backup to restore the now deleted files.

Accidental Deletion

While hackers, malwares, and viruses are created with the intent purpose of stealing or destroying data, a consistent threat in offices actually involves the employees themselves. There are a lot of instances where data is accidentally deleted for one reason or another. It can be because of unclear protocols or outright negligence, either way, employees and business owners would be very thankful for having cloud data backup Ohio when this happens.

Natural Disasters

Floods, fires, storms, earthquakes, these are natural disasters that have the power to completely eliminate an office and wipe out the data inside. While there is no actual security measure to guard against this, having files in the cloud ensures that even if they do happen, the company still has access to its important files and data. They can rebuild from somewhere at least.

It is true that there are a lot of risks and threats that companies have to face today. But that does not mean they can’t do anything about these. With our help at InfoLink Technologies, we can provide you with the best cloud data backup Ohio so that your company can fully recover from data loss. Contact us today at 740 273 3464 or send an email to

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