Data Risk Protection with Cloud Data Backup New Albany

Cloud Data Backup New Albany

There are a lot of different local and international businesses today in New Albany. All of these companies continuously collect different forms of data in order to make proper decisions, execute their tasks or service, and many more. In other words, data has become a very important resource to companies that cannot be replaced. It takes years in order to build proper databases. This is why cloud data backup New Albany has become a very important service for companies and businesses all around Ohio.

There are several ways for companies and employees to back up their data. They can choose to copy the files they are working on into other storage devices like a different computer, an external hard drive, or even burn them into CDs. Then there are companies that even have internal servers in their office network available which is a convenient way of copying data into a local server.

While all of these do the job of creating a copy of the data in case the original is lost, they do not offer the diverse features of cloud data backup New Albany which resolves several challenges that plague other ways to backup data.

It is important for any type of company to keep safe copies of their data in another location. There are several threats to data that they have to face on a daily basis.

Threats to Data

Internal Accidents

One of the biggest reasons for data loss is actually internal accidents. This covers a wide range of events.

An example would be an employee simply working on files and managing data he or she has access to. That employee then accidentally deletes an entire folder of sensitive files instead of outdated ones. Having cloud data backup New Albany can help restore those deleted files.

It is also common in an office for drinks to be spilled and items to be dropped. An external hard drive that has sensitive data can be dropped or coffee accidentally spilled on a laptop that has updated files and other forms of data.

Internal accidents may be common, but data loss should not be. With the help of data backups located in the cloud, companies do not have to lose their sensitive information if a mishap occurs.

Unforeseen Disasters

There are external disasters that could happen which no one could’ve prevented. For example, a huge storm can bring in floods. A fire can break out in the building of the company’s office. An earthquake can hit. Power outage can happen.

Any of these disasters can lead to massive data loss. They have enough force to damage and even destroy office equipment containing sensitive data. But if the company has cloud data backup New Albany, they do not have to start from scratch. 

Malicious Software

Then there’s the constant threat of malicious software such as viruses that lurk around the internet. More and more cases of office networks getting infected are happening. This is because hackers, who create these programs, know that companies have sensitive information that they can use for their own benefit. They specifically seek out information such as customer data so that they can use this for their own nefarious means.

If the company’s network is infected, there is the option of wiping it clean in order to get rid of all malicious software. Everything can then be restored back to normal using cloud data backup New Albany anyway.

Cloud Data Backup New Albany Service Provider

Today, companies face a lot of risks and threats to the data that they have compiled over the years. This is why at InfoLink Technologies, we have developed solutions to help face these challenges.

InfoLink Technologies is a service provider focused on tech solutions. We have helped many companies in Ohio with regards to their challenges with the use of specialized services. One of which is cloud data backup New Albany. We have created a series of cloud-based servers designed to securely store important data backups for our customers and clients. If you need the same solutions, you can contact us today at 740.227.4223 or send an email at

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