Why is Cloud Data Backup Mansfield Important?

Cloud Data Backup Mansfield

Data provides a wide array of information for companies. By analyzing trends, data can provide useful insights on what a company can do in order to improve its performance in various ways. For example, they can use the customer data they collect in order to better identify their target market. Or they can use financial trends to see how they can cut costs. In other words, these are powerful numbers which they need to protect so they constantly improve the business. And to do that, they can use cloud data backup Mansfield.

Backing up data is nothing new. It has been done since the dawn of information. Handwritten notes are re-written, files are photocopied, and computer data are copied into different places. They can be burned into CDs, copied into hard drives, or even into other computers. This way, there are multiple copies of data in case something happens to the original.

When it comes to cloud data backup Mansfield, it provides a more comprehensive solution for companies when it comes to protecting their files due to a variety of features and functionalities it has. 

For one, cloud systems offer automated backup of data. This frees up the time of users and employees so they can simply focus on their jobs rather than worrying about copying data over and over again.

Another advantage of cloud data backup Mansfield is the fact that the data is stored in different servers which minimizes the potential threats.

Threats and Risks to Data

Accidental Deletion

One of the main risks to data today is accidental deletion. It is more common that companies or people would care to admit. An employee can simply be doing his or her job one second, then the delete button is accidentally hit. Or maybe a user is just cleaning up files from the computer before the day ends and accidentally removes a folder containing important information and sensitive data.

Accidents can also happen externally. Coffee can be spilled onto laptops and hard drives can be dropped. These incidents can cause damage or even completely wipe out data inside. 

If an accident occurs in the office which leads to the deletion of data, users, managers, and business owners would all be thankful to have cloud data backup Mansfield to restore what was deleted.

Virus and Malware

A lot of viruses and malicious software lurk the internet. These are computer programs designed by hackers in order to penetrate networks and computers. If they are successful, they can remove, steal, and damage data and other applications.

A particularly damaging malware today is called ransomware. This is designed to seal off certain data or files in a computer and threaten to delete them unless a specific ransom is paid by the user.

With the use of cloud data backup Mansfield, users can wipe out their computers in order to get rid of the virus or malware that’s infected them. They can then restore the entire system using the backup files and applications.

Natural Disasters

Accidents can be minimized through proper training and the creation of procedures. The infection of malware and virus can be minimized with proper security applications. But when it comes to natural disasters, if they are coming, there’s pretty much nothing anyone can do about it.

A storm, for example, has enough power to severely damage offices through floods. Earthquakes can level entire buildings. If this happens, while that’s a big if it isn’t impossible, then data inside the office will be lost.

Having cloud data backup Mansfield means that the company has copies of its data and applications outside of the office. At the same time, service providers usually have several servers in different locations to securely house backup data.

At InfoLink Technologies, that’s exactly what we offer. We take cloud data backup Mansfield seriously and aim to provide our customers with a reliable service when it comes to protecting their sensitive information. If you are in need of a secure way to backup your company’s data, you can contact us today at 740.227.4223 or send an email at info@infolink.net.

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