Secure Cloud Data Backup Hilliard

Cloud Data Backup Hilliard

Almost every company in Hilliard knows that data is very important for their business. This can be used in a variety of ways in order to improve their business. Sales data, for example, can be analyzed to see what products or services are in demand during certain seasons. Another example is using customer information to create personalized services for them. Simply put, data today is very valuable for companies which is why it is important to have secure cloud data backup Hilliard.

There are many threats to data today. These threats can lead to data loss. Data loss means that the company has to start over in collecting data to analyze which can take years. At the same time, this can mean less money for the company. As a matter of fact, research has shown that 29% of companies who suffer from data loss lose revenue because of this.

It is easy to see that losing data can be an expensive experience. But it doesn’t have to be. With cloud data backup Hilliard, businesses can be assured that their sensitive information are kept safe and sound.

Advantages of Cloud Data Backup Hilliard

There are several different ways to backup data. Companies can opt to simply copy their computer files into CDs or even external hard drives. While this does the job of giving them a backup copy of their data, it isn’t the most practical approach. This means employees would have to redo the entire copy process manually every time files are updated.

With cloud data backup Hilliard however, all of these changes.

Automated Backup System

Using cloud backup systems, companies no longer need to assign people to manually copy their data into hard drives or CDs. The system can be set to do all of that automatically. Owners are in complete control of the different factors in terms of the backup such as when should this happen and to what files.

For example, owners can set the cloud data backup Hilliard to activate partial backups every 6 hours. It will then do a complete backup every 24 hours. 

In this way, companies are assured that their sensitive and important data are kept safe in the cloud.

Flexible Access

Because the backup system is in the cloud, users are provided better access to their files as well. Every authorized user would have their own cloud account which is comprised of a username and a password. This is used to access the cloud system to manage files and backups.

As long as the user is connected to the internet, he or she has access to their cloud data backup Hilliard. This is very beneficial for employees who travel a lot or use different computers to do their jobs.

Cost-Efficient Solution

Cost is always a factor when it comes to services for a company. The benefit should be at par or more than the cost they pay. When it comes to cloud data backup Hilliard, businesses can immediately see the value of having a reliable and secure backup system.

On top of that, there are no required investments when it comes to hardware. 

Simple Recovery

The main reason why data is backed up is so that when something happens to the original data, it can be restored or recovered. With cloud data backup Hilliard, the entire restoration process is simplified. All it takes is a few clicks or a phone call in order to start the recovery process.

How long the process takes would depend on several variables with the amount of data and internet connection being the main ones. Good internet connection can reduce the amount of time it takes to transfer files.

Data Backup Service Provider

When it comes to cloud data backup Hilliard, InfoLink Technologies make it a point to offer a secure and reliable solution for our customers. We know how important data is and we take the extra step to provide the right solution to our client’s challenges when it comes to data. If you are in need of data backup solution, you can contact us today at 740.227.4223 or send an email at

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