Cheap Web Hosting Services for Starters

All businesses need a website, and even if you don’t have a specific budget to put up one, your business can easily tap the virtual market. You can always start existing in the online market using cheap web hosting services. If your page simply needs page listing hours and location and blogging for your products and services, you can’t go wrong with cheap web hosting.

Choosing cheap web hosting is a very practical decision that others who have the luxury of availing a $100 web hosting service will not understand. It is a start and an opportunity to earn thru a wider market that is open 24/7. The internet provides the same opportunity to small businesses to virtually exist. Cheap web hosting may not be the first choice of business pages, but it sure helps those who don’t have much to begin their own business venture.

Cheap Web Hosting

Cheap refers to cost; not necessarily quality

Cost is a major consideration by website owners whenever they need to choose a web hosting service. Some opt for the expensive VPS and dedicated servers, while others would choose to start with shared and other cheap web hosting services available. Despite the claim that you get what you pay for in web hosting, the real measure of affordability is the value for money that the services provide. So if your website does not demand complex features to put up your business website, and the features of cheap web hosting is sufficient to cover all your needs, then you are going to save a whole lot.

Tips in Picking the Cheap Web Hosting Service

  1. In choosing the cheap web hosting service for you, make sure that you will not be easily swayed by the bold letters and numbers of a price drop and monthly costs. Discounts are temporary and your website will be using the service longer than the usual promotional dates, so always go for the cheap price that covers a longer period of time, or the time you intend to use the service.
  2. Always care to read the features of the service. Cheap web hosting services also include applications and tools that you really need to keep your site running. Some providers exclude these features so that they can offer their service at a cheaper rate. Do not be deceived. Choose a service by including all the tools and apps you need to the equation, add all the costs, then compare which one really offers the lowest price.
  3. If your budget is not that tight, and you are sure that your business will need the services for the entire year, availing the annual plan of a cheap web hosting service can cut a little cost compared to a monthly rate. Again, compute. Some services offer cheaper rates for paying in a monthly basis. Check on the total annual cost then compare which one can save you additional dollars.
  4. Cheap web hosting is considered such if you only need to spend less than $5 for the hosting service. Some will peg the price at $8 since it’s the most common rate among shared paid web hosting. Some consider lower than $100 cheap because the usual business hosting plans can cause you that much. Study the price, the features, and what works for you for a considerable good bargain.
  5. If the primary function of your business website is to blog, opt for Optimized WordPress Hosting services. It’s the cheapest and most manageable hosting service for blogs that allows you to put up your website without a fuss. You don’t need to be a pro to manage your website because WordPress can easily take care of that.
  6. Top Picks for Cheap Web Hosting

    The following are the top picks for the cheap web hosting services that will surely give back your money’s worth:

    BlueHost – Uptime

    Bluehost is the most popular, inexpensive and most recommended shared hosting service available. They are picked by over 2 million websites for their excellent service. Uptime is excellent with 99.99%. Page load speed is 425ms on the average. It is beginner friendly and provides a free domain for your first hosting experience.

    Hostgator – Page Load

    Speed is a major consideration, and Hostgator beats other cheap web hosting services in the race. Uptime is excellent and consistent with 99.97%. Page load speed is 419ms on the average. They offer huge discounts as often as they provide knowledgeable support to their clients.

    DreamHost – Customer Service

    Dreamhost is a bit pricey compared to the previous two. It sets you back $2.59/mo for the annual plan, yet this cheap web hosting service provides a decent value for good all-round service. Uptime is excellent and consistent with 99.96%. Page load speed is 709ms on the average compared to the usual 890ms. The customer service department is prompt enough to start a live chat session under 5 minutes.

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