For Starters: Testing Cheap Web Hosting in Licking, Ohio

As someone who is just getting to know the opportunities in the virtual market and has just taken the next level of business, e-commerce, it would be quite confusing how you can get a reliable and cheap web hosting in Licking, Ohio among all the services available. Know how to test cheap web hosting in Licking, Ohio and pick the best offer that suits your needs.

Understanding Your Needs

You have to understand what you and your website need even before considering the cheap web hosting in Licking, Ohio that you want to purchase. You can only purchase the web host that gives value for your money when you are certain that all your needs are met satisfactorily by the web hosting service you will avail. Here are some of the things you need to check to ensure that you are picking the best cheap web hosting in Licking, Ohio based on your needs:

Web Hosting in Licking
  • The kind of website you will build
  • If you want something common like WordPress
  • If you need Windows applications
  • If you need a special version of the software
  • The bulk of web traffic volume you expect
  • Website budget allotment for 12/24 months
  • Hosting budget allocation

These considerations will guide you in picking the best option for the cheap web hosting in Licking, Ohio. And since you are new in the industry, the safest and most dependable advice is to take a good shared hosting account. It is easy to maintain and sufficient for most new sites — the ideal features of a cheap web hosting in Licking, Ohio. Also, having the database maintenance and security covered by your web host, it would be easier for you to focus your attention on website building. Premium services is not a good choice since, in a span of two years, your website might not earn enough to fund such expenditures. So, it is better to stick with a safe choice while you are still learning the game of e-commerce. Here is what you should focus on instead:

  • Quality content
  • Marketing
  • Good newsletter service
  • Email list
  • Social marketing ads
  • Site promotion

After answering these concerns, you should consider testing the cheap web hosting in Licking, Ohio that you plan to purchase.

Testing Cheap Web Hosting in Licking, Ohio

You can test the cheap web hosting in Licking, Ohio even before you make a purchase for your business website. Here are the things you need to consider:

1, Uptime Testing

  • Open a hosting account
  • Purchase a URL
  • Build a website
  • Use Dropmysite to monitor the uptime
  • Every 15 minutes, Dropmysite will ping your site and send you an email alert if there are failures to contact the site for at least one minute.
  • Dropmysite data shows how long a site’s been down
  • Gather data for a 14-day period up to 30 days to get a better evaluation

2, Offers for Operating Systems

Linux is the baseline expectation for an operating system offered by every web host since it is the most common. This is brought by its compatibility with many open-source tools in your app library, all for free. Since, the common offer includes Linux, prefer the cheap web hosting in Licking, Ohio that also offers the Windows Server operating system because it supports the ASP.NET framework, SQL Server databases, Sharepoint, or Exchange.

3, Value for Money Based on Pricing and Type

There are several types of hosting services, and not all of them are cheap web hosting in Licking, Ohio. Some of them are Shared, VPS, Dedicated, WordPress, Cloud, and Reseller web hosting services. These types have to be considered before determining if the price is right. The kind of service provided by every type sets a different baseline for prices. If you consider both in checking value, you can compare prices effectively.

4, Features Offered

Considering the type of cheap web hosting in Licking, Ohio, prefer a web host that can commit to unlimited email and data transfers, and large RAM and storage.

5, 24/7 Expert Support

  • Contact the web host’s customer service
  • Repeat contact in various time of the day
  • Ask various questions with definite answers
  • Never reveal that you are reviewing their service
  • Evaluate based on the availability of phone support, instead of just tickets and chats, 24/7 availability of support, and expertise and clarity in responding to queries.

6, Security Features

Since businesses would usually sell a product or service, you need a cheap web hosting in Licking, Ohio that offers the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or the newer Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates. These encrypt data during transfers within a legitimate sales transaction. It could be free for a limited time upon sign up, or it could be bought upon purchasing the hosting service package.

Protection in emails is through authentication technologies to protect domains from phishing scams. Samples of these technologies are Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). Another is Domain Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) that instructs recipients how to handle unauthenticated incoming email. General antispam and antimalware tools should also be available.

7, Marketing Tools

Prefer the cheap web hosting in Licking, Ohio with an Ecommerce software that provides shopping carts, like in Shopify and Wix Stores. Also, Email marketing software can help boost your sales, such as Campaigner and MailChimp. They allow communication with a large group of people regularly.

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