Is Cheap Web Hosting in Knox, Ohio Worth Your Money?

Cheap web hosting in Knox, Ohio has been popular due to price difference compared to the usual business web hosting services. Especially for entrepreneurs who are just beginning to establish their online presence, the cheapest service is definitely tempting. But what does cheap web hosting in Knox, Ohio really mean for your business? Is it really worth your money? The lowest price is not necessarily considered value for your money. The discounted price is not equal to savings. If you plan to avail cheap web hosting in Knox, Ohio, you should know how to tell the difference.

How Cheap is Cheap Web Hosting in Knox, Ohio?

Prices of hosting services have changed drastically in just a span of 10 to 15 years. It started with the $8.95 per month package with the most basic features a cheap web hosting in Knox, Ohio can offer. It was followed by a drop to $7.95, then $6.95 per month. Now, the cheap web hosting in Knox, Ohio is available for the lowest price of less than $1 per month. It is not a surprise because theoretically, web hosting can be offered as cheap as $0.30 per month or $0.01 per day. Yet, on the average, United States companies charge $5.05 per month on their cheapest plans. So, how cheap is cheap web hosting in Knox, Ohio? If your web hosting plan is $5 per month or less, that’s cheap enough.

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Will Cheap Web Hosting in Knox, Ohio Work for You?

Getting that lowest offer for a web hosting service is a good deal. But is it really the best bargain for you? It is not enough that you scored a cheap web hosting in Knox, Ohio. You should also check if it works for your business. What are the needs of your website? What are the demands of your business? Will the basic features of the cheap web hosting in Knox, Ohio that you availed be enough to cover all that is essential for your online presence? Questions like these will eventually lead you to evaluate, not the price of the web hosting service, but the value you got for your money. In order to check if the cheap web hosting in Knox, Ohio that you plan to purchase works for your business, there are several considerations:


This is the most obvious, but you should be careful with the base price that some cheap web hosting in Knox, Ohio are offering. Check the features against the price. Some web hosting services deliberately exclude applications that you need to run your website efficiently, thus, you will be forced to buy applications on top of the base price for the hosting service. Worse, some of these apps are overpriced that when you compute the total monthly fee, it would be far more expensive than the other offers of cheap web hosting in Knox, Ohio.

Hosting Up-time:

Hosting uptime is one of the most important factors to consider. Having a 99.99% uptime is the acceptable standard for any web host. Getting less than that is already unacceptable. Uptime will ensure the virtual space of your business and will keep it available for the virtual market to access. Downtime is the loss of that access to your website, thus losing your money down the drain if your cheap web hosting in Knox, Ohio cannot guarantee constant uptime for your website. Aside from inaccessibility to clients and losing potential sales, this could also affect the credibility of your site.

Server Speed:

The average reader loses interest on your website it fails to load within 3 seconds. Using a shared web hosting service can really cut down the price, but it can also cut down the speed that your website can use. The disadvantage of a cheap web hosting in Knox, Ohio is the possibility of limited hosting resources for your site if it is out-performed by other big websites that share the same server. So, make sure that your website only needs the resources your host can offer. A cheap web hosting in Knox, Ohio can accommodate website with low traffic (1000 visits per day).

Security Features:

Make sure that the cheap web hosting in Knox, Ohio that you will purchase can provide the security that your website needs. Some hosting services can’t provide such and the website becomes vulnerable to malicious online attacks that could to a data breach, worse, bankruptcy. Check the security features available for the service. Check their terms with security patches and updates. Make sure that your website will get the protection and IT management it deserves despite paying for a cheap web hosting in Knox, Ohio.

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