Why Cheap Web Hosting in Franklin, Ohio Doesn’t Suit Everyone?

Cheap web hosting in Franklin, Ohio is the sure top pick of entrepreneurs who are just starting to build their online presence. That is actually a practical decision especially when you are not yet sure on what specific type of web hosting service would fit your business. Business demands grow and eventually, they evolve based on the response of the virtual market. This will require different features for your website, and that should be available in your choosing web hosting service. But the problem with cheap web hosting in Franklin, Ohio is that not all features can be covered by a low-priced plan. They will be able to provide the basic features that can build and run your website, but to make it competitive against the e-commerce market, that depends on the needs of your website.

Remember that cheap can’t be equated with value for money. Always choose the latter, to ensure better opportunities for your online business. While you are choosing from the numerous cheap web hosting in Franklin, Ohio, read on to check the red flags that you should never ignore upon availing cheap web hosting in Franklin, Ohio. On top of the common problems with cheap web hosting in Franklin, Ohio like too much upselling or cross-selling, overloaded server, lack of immunity to security threats, inadequate technical support and hidden charges, here are more of the not-so-popular yet undeniably bothersome problems with cheap web hosting in Franklin, Ohio:

Web Hosting in Franklin

Blacklisted IP

Blacklisted or black-holed IP is not a common problem for cheap web hosting in Franklin, Ohio, yet there are some known cases. Since cheap web hosting in Franklin, Ohio is shared, meaning there is one server that provides accessibility for multiple websites, other user’s activities can affect the IP address that these websites share. So, if a website is blacklisted and you share the same server, your website will also be affected.

Increase of Price after First Term

Companies of cheap web hosting in Franklin, Ohio don’t stick with the price cut that they entice you with. The first term could be the best experience since they were able to meet your expectation, but the second term may no longer be as practical as it was. Some cheap web hosting in Franklin, Ohio follows the industry norm to increase their pricing after you’ve experience quality service from them. According to them, this somehow covers for the ‘discount’ that you got upon availing their service on promotional offer. In worse cases, some even auto-charge higher prices on credit cards that never fail to shock clients.

Ridiculous Long Subscription Periods

Some cheap web hosting in Franklin, Ohio ask for a ridiculous long subscription period just so they can give their web hosting service at the lowest possible price. There are those that asks for five years! That is really unacceptable because the Internet changes so fast, and that makes the market change in almost all aspects. Anything can happen within a year. In fact, you can go bankrupt within a year due to a malware attack. Your cheap web hosting in Franklin, Ohio can even close shop in a matter of two years. If other cheap web hosting in Franklin, Ohio can offer low-priced plans with the standard subscription periods, demand for the same, or else, the offer is not worth it.

Negative Effects on SEO Efforts and Rankings

Your website ranking is one of the most important aspect website owners often invest on. Being on top or at least part of the first page of Google’s search results page can definitely drive profitable traffic into your website. More traffic means more earnings. Unfortunately, the performance of your website in terms of page load is not related with the rankings; instead, it is the server’s response and performance that matters.

If you availed cheap web hosting in Franklin, Ohio, the server cannot ensure its top performance, since it hosts multiple websites, and there are times that other websites eat up the resources of the server. That is a disadvantage in the market where you no longer have control of. You can’t expect cheap web hosting in Franklin, Ohio to invest on high performance, premium servers if they only cost you a couple of bucks, right? Shared hosting can only do so much for your ranking.

So, if you find these setbacks as a little concern since you can manage your website, go for the practical choice and get cheap web hosting in Franklin, Ohio. If you can’t, you can always avail reliable service for IT management.

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