Common Problems with Cheap Web Hosting in Columbus Ohio

Cheap web hosting in Columbus Ohio may be appealing at first, because it seems to provide all the features you need for your business website for a far cheaper price. The usual business web hosting service can set you back by $100 or more, and comparing this to the average $1-$5 per  month rate of cheap web hosting in Columbus Ohio, it wouldn’t be a difficult choice.

The cost is a usual a major consideration for a business venture that is just starting online. The business might be an established one in physical stores, yet a newbie in the virtual market. It could also be a newbie in the marketing industry as a whole. For beginners in e-commerce, specially those who can’t spare a huge budget for web hosting services, cheap web hosting in Columbus Ohio is the most practical choice.

Indeed, cheap web hosting in Columbus, Ohio can offer the features that you will basically need as you begin your online business, but you should also be aware that your business will soon grow, and you should be open to availing business hosting plans. For the meantime, you should be aware of the common problems with cheap web hosting in Columbus Ohio, so that you can find the best solution when you encounter them.

Cheap Web Hosting in Columbus Ohio

Pressure to Upgrade or Buy More Products


Cheap web hosting in Columbus Ohio are shared. Thus, the service is provided for multiple websites which makes it possible for the service to be offered for such an affordable price. In overselling, the server hosts too many websites that it compromises the quality of the service. When the server is overloaded, user experience is downright affected. It could cause unexpected downtime, slow page loads, and worse, disappointed customers who can’t access your website.


When we pay for less, some web hosts think we deserve less, so some webmasters tend to slack on the job, just earn from what clients pay. When the webmaster is careless and does not secure the cheap web hosting in Columbus Ohio that you availed, there is a high possibility that spammers infiltrate the server. When they do, they eat up the server resources which affects the performance of the other websites hosted. That is just one problem when these bad neighbors enter the server. If they take with them Trojan or other malware, your website can get infected, too. Malware attacks can result to loss of revenue, information theft, or worse, bankruptcy.

Poor Technical Support

Some cheap web hosting in Columbus Ohio are not capable of expert technical support. If you need assistance during technical problems that affect your website and worse, your sales, the worst that can happen is: they can’t be reached, it takes them too long to answer your queries or they provide incorrect information that can worsen your problem instead of solving it. Since cheap service can’t pay for experts to work behind your web hosting team, do not expect too much from them when problems arise.

Hidden Charges

The least that we would want from availing a cheap web hosting in Columbus Ohio is an additional charge. We have compelling reasons for settling with the low-priced plans, so it is unfair if we pay less just so later, we will be paying more. Unfortunately, some cheap web hosting in Columbus Ohio have unclear terms and conditions that allows them to top up your charges with services that they intentionally deprive you of in the first place. And when you finally need these features, they’ll charge you double or triple the usual price.

These are just five of the possible problems you should watch out for upon availing cheap web hosting in Columbus Ohio. So, if you are not willing to risk these things, you can always opt for managed IT solutions.

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