The Cost Savings of Small Business VOIP Service Ohio

Small Business VOIP Service

As technology evolves, it creates better opportunities for businesses to work more efficiently at a fraction of the cost as compared to older tools. Basically this opens up new opportunities for the company to increase its revenue. An increase in revenue means that they can grow. This is exactly the value of small business VOIP service Ohio.

What is VOIP Service?

Known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, VOIP is a technology developed to allow calls to be done through internet lines instead of traditional copper lines for phones. What this means is that it is capable of converting analogue audio into digital signals. 

Small business VOIP service Ohio is able to implement the entire system for an office in one of the many ways possible. Because of its nature that it uses the internet, the cost is a lot lower in several aspects.

Why VOIP Service is Cheaper?


The first reason why VOIP services are cheaper is because it uses the internet line. What this means is that the company does not have to lay down copper wires for their telephones anymore. They can all use the same connection for both their data and voice needs.

This is ideal because the office would already have an internet connection already anyway. This is something they cannot do away with as it helps in other aspects. No new connections need to be made which can save a lot of money when it comes to infrastructure and maintenance.

Reduces Internal Support

Using small business VOIP service Ohio can also save money by reducing the internal support needed by employees and users. The internal IT team does not need to worry about maintaining and managing the VOIP systems since this is already done by the provider. This means it can free up their time so they can focus on improving other aspects of the business.

Hardware Needs

When it comes to the hardware requirement of VOIP, there are several options that a company can proceed with.

  1. They can purchase new handsets specifically designed for VOIP use. The advantage of this is that it can use advanced features of the service.
  2. Make use of the handsets already in the office previously used with traditional phone services.
  3. Use a computer, laptop, or desktop. It needs to have a working mic, speaker or headset, and sound card. It also helps if the computer has a camera so it can be used for video calls as well.
  4. Other devices such as smartphones and tablet computers that can be connected to the internet and are supported by the provider.

One of the safest bets to go with is the computer when it comes to small business VOIP service Ohio because employee workstations would have that already anyway. Most modern computers would have mics, speakers, and sound cards already installed. If users prefer headsets, this is a modest investment to make. 

Cost per Call

When compared side by side, the cost per call of traditional phone services are higher than those of small business VOIP service Ohio. This is because they use specialized infrastructure and systems in order to get the job done. The disparity in cost is even greater when comparing long distance communication.

Because it makes use of the internet, VOIP calls can easily connect to others which is why the cost is so minimal. Depending on the plan and provider, offices in Ohio can even call someone in Europe or Asia for free!

Improved Business Efficiency

The effect of using VOIP on the business efficiency is often overlooked. Because of its myriad of features and functionalities, this system can help employees work better, communicate better, and even collaborate better. This leads to a more cohesive team which performs better overall. This can have a good effect on efficiency and generating better revenue.

At InfoLink Technologies, we offer the best performing small business VOIP service Ohio. The service we provide is top-notch and affordable. We can help your company from implementation to maintenance of the entire system. If you want to learn more about our VOIP services, contact us today at 740 273 3464 or email us at

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