The Different Types of Business Data Backup Ohio

Business Data Backup Ohio

Today, businesses run on business data. This data comes in many forms such as customer information gathered when they made a purchase, data about the industry from research, and employee files for human resource purposes. They all play a vital role in an organization and should be protected with business data backup Ohio. If not, business data can be lost and that is a bad thing.

All of these business data can be collated and analyzed in order to figure out the best decisions for the company. For example, having data on what customers like most about a product can help them improve it further. Employee records can be used to provide better services for them. Basically, data today is the lifeblood of a company. In order to protect it, there are several types of business data backup Ohio that companies can opt to use.

Types of Business Data Backup Ohio

External Hard Drives and Thumb Drives

One of the simplest ways to backup and protect data is to copy them in separate drives from the original source. An external hard drive, basically a storage device for files and data, can be connected to a computer or laptop so that files can be transferred or copied into it. The hard drive can then be placed in a locked drawer or cabinet.

Thumb drives provide the same ability but usually they have a smaller capacity. These devices are smaller in size as well which makes them ideal for travel.

What an organization can do is implement a process for business data backup Ohio. Each employee would be in charge of doing his or her own backup by taking an assigned hard drive then copying all updated files into it. They can do this every end of the month for example.

While this is a simple approach to data backup, there are a lot of things that can still go wrong.

Hard drives and thumb drives can be misplaced during the process of transferring. If carried during travel, they can be stolen as well. Accidents such as dropping them can also result in damaged or even lost data. And if something happens to the office where both the original source and the backup drive is stored, then all data is lost.

This does not mean companies should not do this. It only shows that copying important files and data into external storage devices may not be enough.

File Server

Computers are networked together inside an office. They can also be connected to a centralized server which is usually a bigger and more powerful machine with lots of storage. This presents another opportunity for business data backup Ohio

Instead of physically taking external storage devices and connecting them to computers, the users can directly copy their files into the server since they are networked anyway. This reduces the steps in backing up data and thus removes other potential risks.

But this is not without faults as well. The file server is also located in the same office as the source of the data. Again, this means that if something happens to the office, both the original and the backup are lost which defeats the purpose.

Managed Services Business Data Backup Ohio

Managed service providers such as InfoLink Technologies based in Ohio offer IT based solutions that are designed to help with the different challenges organizations face. One of these services is business data backup Ohio. We are able to provide a quick, easy, and most importantly, secure way to backup and store your data. 

We have an automated backup system which will be installed in your computer network. This system can be configured on what to backup and when to do it. Files and data are then sent to our secure storage facilities away from your own office. Access is easily provided through cloud systems.
When it comes to business data backup Ohio, our systems are designed to provide the best solution for our clients. If you are interested in this service, contact us today at 740 273 3464 or send an email at

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