Five Simple Features of the Best Web Hosting in Franklin, Ohio That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Finding the best web hosting in Franklin, Ohio is not an easy task. When you are not tech-savvy and you are faced with a lot of technical terms and numbers just to gauge the efficiency of a web hosting service, you will surely need some help. Always remember the three things that top your initial concerns about your website are cybersecurity and back up, uptime and expert technical support. These three will surely dictate your online presence. Also, you should consider the technical aspects that can affect your business as it expands, like IT management services, migration services, provisions for different hosting services for growth, cloud hosting and easy terms upon termination of a plan. All these features make up the best web hosting in Franklin, Ohio, but we should not miss the add-ons that will surely make our website management more convenient.

Thus, when you are trying to find the best web hosting in Franklin, Ohio, it is necessary to keep an eye for the details. It is not enough that the big features are excellent; you also need to check on minor features that will surely help you with your online business. Since e-commerce demands a competitive website so you can open more opportunities for sales, getting the most of your web hosting package should always be the deal. So, here’s a list of the five features you should check out to complete the criteria of the best web hosting in Franklin, Ohio:

Best Web Hosting Franklin Ohio

Affordable pricing

Affordability is not equal cheap pricing. The best web hosting in Franklin, Ohio that you can afford is the one reliable and secured, and provides support and resources for site operations. Find these things, then check on the price. Weigh how valuable is the service provided as compared with the price. Is it worth your money? That is affordability.


Checking the compatibility of your software with the hardware and operating system used by your web host is a detail you must not overlook. Check on web hosts that can provide OS environments that allow your own software, because migration will surely set you back financially if your software is not compatible. It will consume enormous time and effort before you can change your hosting service if there will be compatibility issues. The best web hosting in Franklin, Ohio provides options for your own OS and leaves out the hassle and cost of migration issues.

WordPress Support

Since WordPress is a popular website creation tool because of its user-friendly interface, easily customizable settings, and no-brainer management that appeals to a third of all website owners, it is a must that the best web hosting in Franklin, Ohio can support WordPress set-up. Despite the popularity, there are web hosts that don’t support the requirements of WordPress, worse, don’t provide dedicated WordPress hosting, so you need to check this feature.

Control Panel

The best web hosting in Franklin, Ohio has an interface that can help you accomplish the task easily using an efficient system. Unfortunately, this is not available to all web hosts. Thus, you must be critical on the kind of interface and control panels your host can provide. This reflects their capacity to manage your website and help your business grow. A difficult interface will slow down your work, much more your business. Delays in e-commerce are opportunities and profits lost. So, take note that the most user-friendly control panel is cPanel for Linux servers and Plesk control panel for Windows server. They both offer a single dashboard interface that you can easily navigate, categorize and manage based on updates and software installation.


Although emails are basically free in availing email features in web hosting, you deserve an email that is more than just sending and receiving files. The best web hosting in Franklin, Ohio includes scanners to avoid spam and malicious software and checks whether an email server has not been blacklisted on a daily basis. Also, provisions for sufficient storage, sharing of files, mobile features and webmail access makes an email the best bargain you can get. Check the features and always go for the best web hosting in Franklin, Ohio with efficient email features.

SSL certificates

Providing secure transactions for your customers is a must for a business website like yours. This will boost the reliability of your website and customer trust. Most customers consider buying on sites that they believe has the capacity to protect their information from a breach. So, encrypting data using an SSL certificate, which most web hosts provide, is a small feature that will surely affect your sales. Without an SSL certificate, payment gateways might not let you use their services and Google can easily tag your site as ‘not secure.’ The best web hosting in Franklin, Ohio keeps your site secure, and keeps customers coming.

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