Best Web Hosting for Blogs

There are various reasons why people create a blog. Some use blogs as personal online journals, while others monetize them. Some use them to market their products, while others just need a little virtual market exposure for their business. Whatever reason you’re putting up a blog, you should know the best web hosting for blogs.

Blog hosting sites are numerous, and you might want to check the reviews first before you jump into one good offer. It helps that you have a point of comparison regarding the web hosting prices and the features that they offer. Before you go over the web hosting packages, you need to sort out the type of web hosting service your blog needs. Based on popularity and performance, the best web hosting for blogs are shared web hosting services.

Best Web Hosting for Blogs

What Is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting refers to a service that is powered by one server that is shared with multiple websites. This shared environment is the most popular among other types of web hosting services because of its reliability in spite of its affordable cost. The usual monthly fee of a shared web hosting service ranges from $5 to $15 per month. That is the cheapest reliable service you can get. That makes shared web hosting the best web hosting for blogs.

Here are the features of shared web hosting service, so you can decide if this is the best web hosting for blogs that you need:

Cost Savings

Shared web hosting is known for the cheapest offer it can give to those who want to start their own blog. It provides the biggest discount rate if you would compare it to a $50 to $99 per month price of other web hosting types. The upfront discount you can get from shared web hosting could be used for other investments, such as paying for quality content for your blog. That makes it the best web hosting for blogs.

Another way that shared web hosting can help your business save up costs is when it provides sufficient resources it needs. Thus, its service is reliable and you would not suffer from losses because of unnecessary and unexpected downtime. Let’s discuss reliability further on the next feature of the best web hosting for blogs.


Reliability refers to the continuous availability of web hosting service for your website. Quality and reliable services result in guaranteed uptime. That is what the best web hosting for blogs offer. Uptime refers to the accessibility of your website from the customer’s end. If you lose that accessibility, your website is down and it will not reach its intended audience. That instance is called downtime.

A reliable web hosting service can ensure that you don’t need to deal with unnecessary downtime. Downtime could be necessary for maintenance purposes, but the service should guarantee at least 99.99% uptime for the rest of your contract. If this percentage is not possible, your web host can’t guarantee a reliable service. The best web hosting for blogs can guarantee your site’s accessibility.

Why should you avoid downtime? Downtime means you need to close shop even if it was supposed to be open. It means your loyal customers might find another business that offers the same products or services because you were not available. It means you lose your business integrity and revenue. It’s a loss for your business, and it would not reflect the best impression. That is why the best web hosting for blogs avoids downtime.

What causes downtime? Downtime is commonly caused by internal mistakes, hardware failure, depleted resources, and security attacks. Any of these could shut down your server together with all the websites that it supports. Thus, it is necessary that your web hosting provider can ensure the following: well-maintained infrastructure, secured physical data center, sufficient resources, and advanced security measures. All these are available with the best web hosting for blogs.

Shared Environment

The shared environment made these cost-efficiency and reliability the popular features of shared web hosting. A reliable web hosting service would usually cost so much that you might think twice if you’re going to use it just for a personal journal. Yet, shared web hosting can offer the same reliability because of its shared environment.

A shared environment applies the concept of retail. In order to pay for the expensive web hosting services, it divides the resources among multiple accounts to lessen the price. You will still get the same perks that that powerful server can provide while paying only for the chunk of resources that you needed. This made shared web hosting the best web hosting for blogs.

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