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Modern companies in Hilliard and around Ohio are dependent on technology, whether they know it or not. From computers to smartphone devices, from internet connection to phone systems, all of these fall under technology. All of these are vulnerable to wear and tear which means they need the right IT support Hilliard to ensure that they work properly all the time. 

Today, there are two main options when it comes to getting the right IT support. First is through hiring and building your own IT department. While this sounds good, it can be very expensive and difficult to maintain a new department; especially for small and medium sized companies. This is where managed service providers who offer IT support Hilliard comes in.

A managed service provider is a company with several IT specialists who focus on different areas of technology. By hiring a service provider, companies essentially gain access to an entire IT department at a fraction of the cost. 

Factors in Choosing IT Support Hilliard


Remember that hiring a service provider for your IT requirements is similar to hiring someone to be part of your team. First, they should be able to fit well with your company’s culture. This is the first step to ensure that you will work well with each other which is an important factor. 

If the culture of the two organizations are too different, they would just end up clashing all the time and nothing will get done.

Qualifications and Skills

Another important aspect when it comes to hiring a service provider for IT support Hilliard is their qualifications and skills regarding the technologies the company has.

There are several different types and brands when it comes to technology. It is important that those working to support them are qualified to do so and have the right skillset to achieve the goals of the company.

Service Level Agreements

Also known as SLAs, the Service Level Agreement is a documentation that outlines everything about certain tasks involved in IT support Hilliard. It explains what is included, the timeline it would take, and every other detail.

For example, if the company hired the service provider to setup workstations, the SLA should cover:

  • What hardware are they going to set up
  • What software are they going to install
  • When will they start the process
  • What milestones can the company expect and when

The main purpose of the SLA is so that both the company and the service provider are clear on the task and expectation.

Service Pricing Models

When it comes to IT support Hilliard, price is always an important factor. Another is the pricing model or how the company is billed by the service provider.

There are several pricing models commonly used by providers which includes:

Tiered Pricing

This is probably the most popular pricing model. Here, the service provider offers different tiers of service. Each tier is more expensive than the other. The more expensive tier, the more services are included. 

Price per Device

Another option for companies is to go with a price per device model. Essentially what happens here is that the company pays a flat rate per month for each device they want supported by the provider. So if they have 10 desktops and 2 laptops, they pay for 12 devices a month.

Price per User

Similar to price per device but instead of devices, the service provider bases their IT support Hilliard on the number of people they need to support. One user can have several devices under them such as a desktop, a VOIP phone, and a smartphone for example. This should be cleared up with the SLA.

Hiring the Right IT Support Hilliard

When it comes to IT support Hilliard, InfoLink Technologies is here for you. We have a team of well-trained and highly experienced professionals who focus on different aspects of technology. We have the latest in tools and equipment as well so we can develop the right solutions for our client’s main challenges. If you need IT support, contact us at 740.273.3464 or you can send us an email through today.

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