Best Free Web Hosting

The best free web hosting for business became one of the most sought after online services. This is due to the continuous growth of the E-commerce industry. Businesses tend to look for the most affordable service. They aim to secure the best for their new online platform. What could be more affordable than the best free web hosting, right?

We can determine the best free web hosting by understanding its basic features. Tackling these features can help you gauge the standards of the service. We can also compare the best free web hosting service with paid web hosting service. The difference between these two services can help you decide for your business.

Best Free Web Hosting

Best Free Web Hosting Features for Businesses:

Disk Space

Web hosting providers also call this as storage space. This refers to the capacity of the best free web hosting service to accommodate data. These data include images, videos, text and other kinds of content. The bigger your content is, the bigger your disk space should be.

What happens if your website does not get enough storage space? This could lead to an unexpected downtime. Downtime refers to the inaccessibility of your website until the restoration of services. If your website contains large content, it would force you to get a bigger storage space. That is advisable to avoid downtime that leads to revenue loss.


The bandwidth of the best free web hosting service allows website accessibility. The more visitors your website has, the bigger your bandwidth should be. Bandwidth is the capacity allowed for Internet traffic to flow into your site. If bandwidth is not enough, limited visitors will be able to load your page.

What happens if your website does not get enough bandwidth? This could lead to a possible decrease in website performance. The site will slow down and pages won’t load in expected time. This could lose you potential customers because slow page loads can’t hold visitors to wait.

Website Creator and FTP

You need a free website creating application if you don’t know anything about scripting. This can help you put up your domain and website without difficulty. This kind of application has ready-made designs that you can use to begin.

Once your template is ready, you will need a File Transfer Protocol or FTP. This allows the transfer of your computer files to your website. The best free web hosting and domain provide convenience in setting up. They make templates and unlimited FTP available to their clients.


Support is necessary for website owners. Those who are not much knowledgeable with IT management need this help. Your support team will serve as the experts.  They will take care of monitoring and managing your website’s performance. This will allow you to focus on your business rather than performing webmaster tasks. Your support team will help your online business succeed using the best free web hosting.

What happens when there is little to no support for your website? If there won’t be a webmaster to handle your account, your website will suffer in performance. It won’t hit its target audience. It’s reach will not be enough to translate into sales. During unexpected downtime, your business can lose a lot of money. Technical issues can lead to major losses, which isn’t good for business.


Guaranteed uptime is one of the most sought after feature of the best free web hosting. Web hosting providers usually promise a 99.99% guaranteed uptime for your website. What does this mean? Uptime is the accessibility of your website to users. This is the primary point of getting the best free web hosting service.

Without this accessibility, your website will experience a downtime. This leads to losing profit, customers and the integrity of your website. So, a guaranteed uptime ensures your virtual existence. This will keep your business up and running 24/7.


There’s a feature that drives businesses to avail the best free web hosting service. That will be pricing. No feature can top the influence of a freebie. But you should always take note the needs of your website. Some site owners end up changing services in the end. The choice to avail this freebie brought this misfortune and extra expense.

What makes web hosting price worth crossing out? The capacity of the best free web hosting to provide your website needs marks the value of that freebie. So, make sure that the best free web hosting is the right service you need.

What determines the best free web hosting service? Free web hosting for small business provides the basic features your website demands.

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