Types of Affordable Web Hosting for Small Businesses

New entrepreneurs in e-commerce will always look for the most affordable web hosting. The budget is a major consideration. Thus, they need to find the best offer among all web hosting packages available.

Affordable web hosting services are commonly placed in promotional offers. They are those that web hosting reviews talk about and compare. They are commonly the cheap web hosting services you know.

However, affordable web hosting is not limited to upfront discounts that you can get. It is not just a low monthly subscription. It is not the add-ons and the freebies. Affordable web hosting service includes the cost savings you get from quality IT services from your web hosting provider. It also includes discounts from additional services. It is far better than purchasing on-demand features with skyrocketing prices.

Here are the available web hosting packages that deliver affordable web hosting services:

Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting could be the cheapest web hosting per year. Obviously, it is because you don’t need to pay for a monthly subscription. Unfortunately, free web hosting is not the best option for an affordable web hosting service. It is riddled with setbacks that made it disadvantageous. It provides computing resources at a minimal level, and little to nothing for IT services.

Affordable Web Hosting

What happens when your resources are not sufficient? This could lead to crashing of servers and your website will bog down. Free web hosting is basically a subdomain of a paid one. Thus, you need to share the available resources to all subdomains that need the resources to stay online. So, if resources are limited, there will be slow data transfer, less storage space, and a higher possibility of downtime. This is not the kind of affordable web hosting service you’re looking for.

When you experience all these technical problems, there won’t be an IT support team from an affordable web hosting service that could help you fix it. Thus, it can gravely affect your business by losing potential sales, loyal customers, and business integrity. Aside from these, free web hosting suffers from a lack of control, customization, and security. It also suffers from compulsory advertisements that are not good for business.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is paid web hosting. Thus, there are certain expectations for the resources that it should offer per package. However, the promise of a cheap web hosting service is not the best web hosting option when you are looking for affordable web hosting. It has fewer issues compared with free web hosting, yet these are major concerns.

Shared web hosting can provide a cheap web hosting package because of a shared environment. This means that there is one server that provides the computing resources of several websites. Thus, anything that happens to each of these websites could affect the performance of others. If one website experienced downtime due to internal mistakes, others will also experience it. If malware attacks the server, all websites will go down. The shared environment provides shared features and setbacks for all the websites it hosts.

Shared web hosting can’t ensure that there is a dedicated IT support team that could help prevent these possible technical issues. They are available when issues are reported so that they can help you fix them. However, preventive measures are not administered by shared web hosting services. This is because of the bulk of accounts that they need to tend to.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting offers flexibility and control over computing resources. It answers the problem of insufficient resources and lack of IT support in the previous web hosting packages. With the use of the Internet, cloud hosting enables remote servers to stay connected in one broad network. This results in vast computing capacity and limitless IT resources for your business.

In cloud hosting, you will still work in a shared environment. However, there won’t be problems with neighboring websites. They can consume a bulk of resources and that would not affect your website. How is that possible? Since the cloud resources are indefinite, it is possible to provide resources even if websites exceed the capacity of one server. Other servers can easily take over and provide the necessary resources.

Cloud hosting is a good choice for affordable web hosting services since you only pay for the services you used. You can also adjust the resources that you allot for your business website. It provides an interface that you can easily navigate for a convenient scaling up or down of your IT services. You choose how much to consume on a pay-per-use policy. That made cloud hosting the most affordable web hosting service available nowadays.

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