Disadvantages of an Affordable Web Hosting in Licking, Ohio

Small and medium-sized businesses need the most affordable web hosting in Licking, Ohio. They need it to keep up with the stiff competition in the market. Taking your business into the virtual world is another feat to succeed on. This will entail the necessary costs to go live and reach customers all over the world wide web. Thus, more and more entrepreneurs look for the best cheap hosting bargain they can get.

Cheap shared hosting is the most popular choice among small and medium-sized businesses. This is due to the features that it provides. It is the typical standard type of affordable web hosting in Licking, Ohio where they provide the basics. However, shared web hosting has a lot of disadvantages that e-commerce can’t simply ignore.

In e-commerce, you need to secure the best web hosting service that can limit the setbacks that your business might encounter. Why? Every setback means revenue loss. You simply can’t risk your business website with the limited resources that an affordable web hosting in Licking, Ohio can provide.

Here are some of the disadvantages of affordable web hosting in Licking, Ohio:

Limited Resources

Limited is the word that can sum up the features of an affordable web hosting in Licking, Ohio. The kind of service that this web hosting package provides is good for basic blogs and websites that won’t facilitate transactions. Your business website needs complex applications to make business transactions easy for your customers. In this case, affordable web hosting in Licking, Ohio is not for you.

Affordable Web Hosting in Licking Ohio

There are resources that your business really needs to successfully launch your business online. These are storage space, bandwidth, and uptime. Lacking these resources could lead to technical issues that can surely affect your business. Here are two issues that you would want to avoid in affordable web hosting in Licking, Ohio:

The Bad Neighbor Effect

The bad neighbor effect happens with affordable web hosting in Licking, Ohio that uses a shared environment and has limited resources. It is common in shared web hosting services. A shared environment means that there is one server and its resources are divided among several websites. The server’s resources are limited, so whatever is available will be provided to everyone.

How can insufficient resources affect your business? Running your website with insufficient resources can lead to slow loading of pages, delays in data transfer, and worse, the bad neighbor effect.

The problem of the bad neighbor effect starts when a dominant website consumes resources more than the others. This is possible since websites and businesses grow over time. Thus, they would need more resources. So, whatever resources are left will be divided among the other websites. Most of the time, these left-over resources are not sufficient for everyone, then the server crashes.

This leads to the second issue with affordable web hosting in Licking, Ohio: the downtime.


Downtime pertains to the inaccessibility of your website from the customers’ end. This happens when the physical server crashes, when you run out of resources, and when there is an internal mistake. Limited resources of affordable web hosting in Licking, Ohio can lead to frequent downtime.

How does downtime affect your business? Downtime make you lose the time that your business could have been accommodating sales transactions. You could have been generating income, but you’re not. It can also make you lose your loyal customers because you are temporarily unavailable. They might doubt your website’s integrity and capacity to deliver secure transactions. Downtime directly translates to revenue loss.

Are you willing to risk that much just for an affordable web hosting in Licking, Ohio?

Limited IT Support

Affordable web hosting in Licking, Ohio can’t provide the IT support you need for your business website. Shared web hosting has basic IT support for maintenance and technical issues. However, you can’t count on a dedicated IT support team for IT management.

IT management involves daily network monitoring and constant backup updates. It also aims to upgrade applications and patches. It provides continuous analysis of your website status. It employs preventive security measures, too. These are just some of the things a dedicated IT support team can do. This is the expertise and commitment that affordable web hosting in Licking, Ohio lacks.

Let’s say that you can do IT management on your own. However, managing your site is time-consuming work. If you are an entrepreneur trying to compete in the virtual market, you need more time to grow your business. Leaving the technicalities to an IT support team can help you focus on your business concerns. Without IT support, you are on your own, which is not good because, in e-commerce, you need to get all the help you can gather.

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