Advantages of Business VOIP Service Ohio

Business VOIP Service

One of the key aspects for any organization is communication. This allows them to collaborate with each other to achieve their collective goals. At the same time, it provides a channel for their customers, clients, and other stakeholders to contact the organization about their products, services, or for any other type of inquiry. Over the decades, there have been many tools developed for this such as the telephone, chat, and email. But recently, business VOIP service Ohio are becoming very popular as well.

A VOIP provider enables companies to make phone calls using the internet instead of having to rely on traditional phone wires. This has several advantages.

Lower Cost

The first advantage of business VOIP service Ohio is that the cost is considerably lower as compared to traditional phone services. Because of its technology, it provides lower cost per call especially when compared with long distance calls. Depending on the plan and the provider, organizations can actually make phone calls from Ohio to other states or even other countries for free.

At the same time, VOIP lowers the hardware and maintenance costs of the organization as well. They can opt to make use of the current desktops or laptops already present in workstations to act as a phone as well. As long as they have sound cards, a mic and speaker available, providers can install VOIP systems in the computer and it will act as a phone.


When an organization hires a new person or a new team, they need to set up workstations, computers, accounts, and their phones as well. This can take time and requires proper planning. But because VOIP providers have flexible plans where companies can opt to pay per person per month, this will not be a hindrance when it comes to scaling up. Organizations can easily add more people without worrying when they will get their phone lines up.


The main requirement of business VOIP service Ohio is that the user is online or has access to a stable internet connection. With that plus a device such as a laptop or even their smartphone, users will be able to access their VOIP phones. What this means is that the service is mobile which is perfect for employees who are always travelling or need to be in different offices all the time.

Advanced Features

One of the great things about business VOIP service Ohio is that they are equipped with advanced features designed to help the productivity and efficiency of companies when it comes to their communications.

Conference Calls

Probably the most popular advanced feature of VOIP services is the ability to do conference calls with other people from all over the world. Organizations with teams in different offices can find great use for this. No matter where they are, teams can still have important meetings to discuss their progress and goals.

Automated Call Screening

Wrong numbers can pose a huge problem over time. First of all, it breaks the concentration of the person who receives the call for no important reason. Second, he or she will need to transfer the call to the right person.

With an automated screening service, this is no longer a problem for any organization. The system asks specific questions which are answered by the caller using the number pad. Based on that, the call will be transferred to the right person or department thus avoiding wrong numbers.

Call Management Features

Business VOIP service Ohio also offer a variety of call management features such as:

  • Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding
  • Blocking of Calls
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Voicemail
  • And many more

All of these are specifically designed to help the user in managing his or her communication.

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